Why We Love It – Cranberry Seed Oil

Qēt Botanicals cranberries seed oilQēt Botanicals cranberries seed oil

Why do we love our cold-pressed cranberry seed oil?

Fun Fact: More than HALF of all cranberries grown in the US are produced right here in Wisconsin! Another exciting fact is that this is the only known facial oil that has a perfectly balanced ratio of Omega-3 to Omega-6 fatty acids. Because of this healthy Omega balance, this prized facial oil absorbs completely into the skin. It offers exceptional hydration and allows your skin to absorb the Vitamins A and E, potent antioxidants, and other wholesome nutrients present in each drop. 

Our cold-pressed cranberry seed oil is a coveted hydrating and anti-aging skin ingredient. Because it is so high in antioxidants, this seed's oil provides protection from free radicals that are damaging. Free radicals can accelerate the appearance of aging and tired skin. We carefully hand-select all of our ingredients and look for exceptional and premium elements in their natural form. Cranberry seed oil is a welcomed addition to our botanical family.

In each product we make, we proudly feel that less is more. We limit our ingredients to only those elements that truly can make a difference, and this gives us more room to take advantage of what nature and each super-oil has to offer. Rather than including miniscule amounts of extracts and oils, we only use complete botanical and essential oils that are proven, skin-loving ingredients.

We cherish all of our oils; there's something for every type of skin! You can find our cranberry seed oil in these products: Balancing Day Serum, Hydrating Day Serum; Restoring Day Serum, Balancing Night Serum, Hydrating Night Serum, Restoring Night Serum, Hydra-Rose Eye Serum, Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka UMF 16+, Eye Makeup Remover, Lavish Serum Salve, and our Lip Gloss with Olive & Avocado.