We're Celebrating our 6 Year Brandiversary

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Six years ago, on my 46th birthday, after years of developing, discovering, researching, formulating, re-batching, swearing, and healing, we were ready to launch Qēt Botanicals. It's no coincidence that the brand was launched on the same day as my birthday. I believe in sharing what you love and in loving what you share. There's no better gift that I can give than sharing the gift of confidence and authenticity in the little things in life.

It may seem trivial, but the products we use are just a small part of the big picture, but nevertheless, they're an important part of that picture of health. We can't run the marathon of life without using premium fuels for our body.

Emotions can stir when we meet or hear from a new Qēt friend. We hear their story of their journey and share a smile, or even shed a tear, with a customer who has crossed a hurdle and is making healthy changes and better choices.

Looking back at how this Qēt journey started years ago, it's been a journey of life, of health, of death, of growth, of risk, and of reward. 

I thank you. It's because you care about the ingredients you use. It's because too many of us have sensitivities to the hidden and harmful ingredients in products that get absorbed into our bodies every day. It's because of your support and our love of nature's blessings that together we can get healthy, overcome mishaps, and become empowered and feel confident in the choices we make every day. 

So ~ let's celebrate! On April 1st of 2019, I not only turned 52, but Qēt Botanicals turned 6 years old. We're sharing a site wide special this month on all of our botanical treatments.

Let's give cheers to fresh ingredients and clean treatments! 

It's time to do a little dance, celebrate our health, and make cheers to all the little and big things that we're grateful for. 

Surf the New Site! 

What a ride it's been! It's been nearly seven years since we developed our first website, and we're happy to share that we've updated and revised it. 

Much has changed in the online world since our launch ~ peek around and have a little fun with the new site. We're still playing and tweaking some things, but we wanted to share it in this month of celebration. 

In the Shop section of the site, you'll find buttons for various treatments and skin remedies ~ cleanse, exfoliate, hydrate, and the like. In addition to the Search feature on the home page, it's a fast way to find what you're looking for.

You'll also notice that we've added a Skin Condition button at the top that includes conditions like acne, mature, combination, and more, As much as we like this, also know that our body chemistry is all different, as well as our eating and everyday life patterns. These can affect our skin just as positively as the right routine can, and it's not one size fits all when it comes to skincare.

The recommended remedies we've included in each one of these highlighted sections are what works effectively most often, but there can be variances. We're happy to offer these shortcuts as a reference tool, and we're also here to help nudge and guide you if you need it.

The Commitment comes from Within 

Don't look back ~ we're not headed that way. 

If we want it, we'll get it. Marriage, work, getting up in the morning ~ it all starts with a mindset and looking ahead. After the mindset comes the attitude, then everything starts with a decision. Once we decide on what it is we're going to do... that's the first step. Decide it. Live it. The first step to doing anything is just to make that decision, and then do it.  

The mind and body connection is strong. The body listens to what the mind is saying.

This month, in our brand-iversary month, we're highlighting simple ways to keep looking forward and keep staying on the healthy track. To be healthy, the big picture has different moving parts in it when it comes to feeling great. Like our blog's highlight last month, feeling great really IS the new looking great!

Fueling our mind and bodies with premium fuels, clean sources, and healthy, proven ingredients keeps our tissues, tendons, arteries, valves, and that big organ that keeps it all together performing and its highest and healthiest capacity. 

Two Minutes, Morning and Night

To me, the most important thing about every morning is how we invest in that first hour. 

Win the morning, win the day! 

Starting with a clear and balanced canvas is the first step to a productive day. My morning starts before the household gets up with a quiet moment, a workout, some warm lemon water, some notes, and then my phone ~ maybe. Once the doors to the day are opened, and the phone or laptop is on, those doors don't close until the day starts winding down and we make that decision to end the day on our own terms. How we bookend each day is more important to our mindset than we know. Ending the day on a happy, light note is just as important as starting off on the right foot. 

Looking at the big picture can be overwhelming. An example... sometimes when people browse our website or pop into one of our Skin Studios it's a bit overwhelming. Really, walking into any skincare store or aisle can be overwhelming! From Qēt we include a variety of body, hair and face treatments for different needs and conditions. We don't use them all at the same time, nor do we use them all ~ we all have and need options, and so does our skin. When you break it down, it's just a couple of minutes morning and night ~ it's enjoyable and totally doable!

We have the treatments we do because they are the products that we carry around on our bodies or hair all day. We don't formulate makeup or things that cover-it-up... just healing and revealing treatments. But guess what... nothing will work if we don't make that commitment and take that first step. 

When we get a new dishwasher at home, or a new appliance, or a phone upgrade(!), it can seem a little daunting. Before we know it, we're familiar with it and we're ready to roll with it. It's just like that with our Skin Suites and personal care. Two minutes morning and night, and away we go. 

We also know and believe in having options when it comes to our skin. Our various formulas and blends of cleansers and moisturizers are formulated differently for different skin conditions. 

What's the best daily skincare routine? We love a quick massage with the cleansing oil followed by a washcloth to remove it, and a mist or two of toning water blended with your day or night serum ~ that's it. We now have serum boosts to add the extra vitamins and nourishment if you'd like, and it's without reaching for anything synthetic or oxidized like the typical Vitamin A or C serum, or Retinol. Exfoliate regularly either gently each night or 1-2 times per week depending on your skin's condition. Add a mask once a week for a vitamin splurge... and there you have it.

It's a professional facial at home, in two minutes, and right at your fingertips. 

Eating for your Skin

How and why we should pay attention to what's on our fork for our skin condition. 

Having rejuvenated and happy skin is more than just a clean external skincare routine. Eczema, Psoriasis, Rosacea, cystic acne, sensitive skin, dry skin, oily skin ~ these conditions can be made worse by ingesting the wrong kinds of foods. Happily, skin can calm and get better with the right foods, too! 

Systemically the enzymes and actives that get digested in our guts can trigger these skin conditions. Eating foods that help balance the toxins in the body is recommended, and a wonderful side effect of that is healthy skin maintenance.

What food benefits help clear and revive healthy skin? Not surprisingly, the same things that our body loves on the inside, our skin loves on the outside ~ vitamins, antioxidants, and Omegas.

Just like our skin loves oils rich in antioxidants, our body loves the food with high levels of antioxidants as well. Eating foods with this benefit helps to neutralize the toxins and oxidation of cells which fuel the body and skin with goodness. The foods that contain high levels of antioxidants are tomatoes, kiwi, citrus, red fruit, lean meats, and fish.

Vitamins A and C not only play a big part of our skin's health topically, but internally in our foods they help external skin issues.

Vitamin A helps repair cells that form skin and help to strengthen our immunity. Vitamin C promotes skin's healing and helps prevent premature aging.

Foods rich in Vitamin A include green leafy vegetables, pumpkins, carrots, low-fat dairy, melon, apricots and mangos. The Vitamin C friends are celery, spinach, avocado, lettuce, berries, cauliflower, peas, and citrus.

Let's talk about Omegas and Vitamin B9. Omegas are natural inflammation fighters and protect the health of the heart. Vitamin B9, also known as folic acid, helps regulate the overproduction of skin cells with people that have psoriasis and sensitive skin on the body. Omega super foods are nuts like almonds, walnuts and hazelnuts. Chia and flax seeds, and cold-water fish like salmon and cod are healthy choices, too. Folic acid foods include asparagus, cucumbers, avocados, oranges, spinach, chickpeas, and dried beans.

Time Saver: At the beginning of the week, I whip up a batch of green drinks for the week ~ spinach, celery, cucumber, cilantro, an entire lemon, berries, nuts, flax, coconut ~ all organic, all good, and all ready to go each morning. Try it ~ it's fresh and alive with actives and is still teaming with goodness at the end of week.  

What to Cut Back on for Healthy Skin

Notice we didn't say 'eliminate' ~ the word 'diet' is a difficult word because it often means changing what we're doing for a designated amount of time. When we say 'eliminate,' then if we eat something we're not supposed to, the guilt can be real. If we focus on just cutting back, making a lifestyle change, or choosing better 90 percent of the time, it's a better way to chisel away at bad eating habits and introduce the new.

I've been a pretty clean eater for years, but when things go awry on my plate, it shows up on my skin.

I don't have food allergies, but I do know that when I have excess foods that contain dairy, gluten, coffee, sugar and a few other triggers, I can get a bit of a skin upset. My face, between my fingers, the back of my neck, even sometimes behind the ears ~ these areas are susceptible to showing when the gut isn't happy and the skin is trying to tell us something. Certain foods are definitely aggravating to skin conditions causing itching, bumps, and redness and flaking.

The cleaner the food, the better the results. This also goes for what we put on our skin, and it's why we small-batch-from-scratch our products before sharing them with you. Every little bit matters! 

If you have an allergy, it's best to find alternative foods and avoid those things that aggravate your system. But if it's a sensitivity and not an allergy, here are a few foods to cut back on, or keep in the 10% or less of the weekly intake: fried foods, fatty meats, cow's milk and cheese, sausages, sugars, spices, alcohol and even coffee. Warm lemon water is a great way to start the day! 

If we eat an average of 21 meals in seven days, and we throw in a few healthy snacks (nuts, berries, fruit), then we shouldn't beat ourselves up if we have a meal or two with these things in it. We all know our skin best, and it will tell us what works for us ~ we just have to pay attention.

Exercising for your Skin

Stand back lungs and heart ~ exercise is also good for glowing skin!

Being mindful about what we eat, and what our skin eats, is beneficial, but so is getting-up-and-going! A daily exercise habit can improve the skin's complexion, and add a smile to your face... which is the best way to glow. :) 

Increased oxygen in the blood stimulates the cells and improves the circulation ~ here comes that instant glow! A little glistening, or sweat, from something aerobic helps to eliminate toxins while we sweat as well. Just remember to use your cleansing oil after every workout ~ sweat in the pores can lead to a clogged and inflamed pore ... aka, a pimple. 

Cortisol is that bad hormone that is released in our body when it's stressed. Even though exercise can be stressful, exercise naturally lowers the cortisol. Cortisol leads to added inches around the waist, increase acne, and it can also break down collagen which keeps our skin plump and vibrant and prevents our skin from sagging. 

Exercise is a great mood booster ~ energy creates energy! Even 15-20 minutes of walking a day can be beneficial. While walking, engage the core, the booty, and feel your muscles working ~ make every step count. 

The best skincare routine should always include ways to feel great and reduce stress. Those feel-good endorphins are released when we exercise, and feeling good leads to being happy, which leads to smiling more, which again, is the best way to glow. :) 

Sleeping for your Skin

Here less is not more. 

We're not sure when this happened, but there seems to be a theme out there where many are sharing how much sleep they're NOT getting, and are wearing it like a badge of honor. 

Treating ourselves to a good night's sleep, at least 7-8 hours, is nothing to be ashamed of. 

When we can fit in an exercise routine, eat our last meal at least two hours before we go to bed, and make a list of things that we don't need or want to think about until the morning, then we're ready to recharge and reset while we sleep. 

Having an active day and including some self-care and exercise can lower those cortisol levels. It's been said that exercise is a release-valve for cortisol. When we open that valve and let that stress go, our sleep patterns are likely to be less interrupted. 

10 Reasons Why We Should use Oils on our Skin

Why we love to use our plant-based formulas on our skin. 

We love our botanical oils ~ no matter the condition, our skin can benefit from the oils, and our mind loves the fact that we're not adding any clutter or toxins to our bodies.

If you're looking for an eye cream or face lotion, you won't find it here. We're all about clean and active botanical oils. If you're afraid of oils and haven't used them before, think again. Many creams and lotions contain oils that are carried in waxes and thickening agents. If it's an oil free lotion, then it likely has a silicone or some other synthetic to offer the skin a 'feeling' like it's moisturized, but it may not benefit the skin. We'd rather keep out the waxes and just use pure serums ~ they're light, penetrating, clean, noncomedogenic, and fully performing. 

Oils for acne-prone skin, mature skin, sensitive skin, Rosacea, combination... the right blends can do wonders for all of these conditions.

Here are Ten Reasons to use our Qēt Botanicals Plant-Based Facial Oils


  • They cleanse thoroughly. Oil removes excess oil, makeup, and pollutants. They balance the natural oil production without stripping it.
  • They penetrate deeper into layers of skin than creams or lotions.
  • They replenish essential fatty acids, or EFAs, which our skin needs help with.
  • They heal, repair, and create a breathable, protective barrier.
  • They make skin plump and dewy, and protect it from water loss.
  • They balance oily skin and control excess oil production.
  • They act as a primer and help seal in moisture before makeup.
  • They repair sun damage via EFAs, vitamins and antioxidants.
  • They fight free radicals to prevent them from damaging the skin.
  • Healthy skin contains oil, and the right blend is its best friend.

    Let's Hear it for the Girls ~ 

    In the August 2018 State of Women-Owned Business Report, it was found that women owned 12.3 million businesses, or 40% of businesses overall. Woo-hoo!

    When we have a need, we find it… no, we’re not just talking about a new handbag. ;) Every time we make a purchase, whether we know it or not, we’re supporting the who, what, and where that product came from. When a locally-made product is purchased, we’re supporting that small business, the community, and the arts. We’re connecting with where we live.

    We feel confident and proud about the way our treatments are made. When the choice is made, and the purchase is complete, that choice makes an impact locally and abroad. In our industry, if it's a product that is made with care, truthful and authentic ingredients, then we're supporting those growers, harvesters, and suppliers that gather the bounty of the goodness that they share.

    “You cannot get through a single day without having an impact on the world around you. What you do makes a difference, and you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make.” Jane Goodall

    Each purchase helps to promote makers in our towns to thrive and sustain the local economies. Alternatively, if it's a purchased product that is synthetically manufactured in a facility that tests on animals and uses 'trade secret' ingredients and harmful ingredients, then guess what... that's what we're supporting.

    Since day 1, our intent, focus, and drive is keeping ingredients, safe, fully disclosed, and beneficial for our bodies and our environment.

    If you’ve strolled into one of our Qēt Botanicals Skin Studios, you’ll hear music playing, smell the aroma of a treatment we’re crafting, you’ll find a pretty aesthetic sprinkled with care-giving formulas, and you’ll see some gals enjoying what we do. Hello, that’s us! We’re a woman-owned brand that’s run by family and friends. Our current employees all just happen to be women. We love our man friends too; Qēt is reaching more men every day because men need good skin and hair care, too! 

    We sniff, we formulate, we experiment, we blend, we revise, we wrap, we twirl, and sometimes we even make snow angels, or sand angels, in the middle of the floor.  We’re not afraid to be silly and enjoy life while we work.

    Without the fun-loving attitudes and heart-felt inspiration behind the scenes, it may not feel as true to our roots at the end result. Loving what we do, pouring our passions and flare into our treatments, and working with only real ingredients keeps our space friendly, thriving, and our bodies healthy… so we can go full speed ahead.

    We want to live we what we love, and we want to love what we live with. Amen to that, sister!

    “A flower doesn’t compete with the one next to it… it just blooms.” Bloom girl, just bloom.

    Our Mission Statement

    Our journey began in the heart of the Midwest in a small community. While growing up there, nearly every home had a garden, the farmers opened their doors to neighbors, and the dinner table was a place where wholesome, homemade food and family-time was shared.

    The products we use every day on our skin should be safe, real, and not made with anything harmful. Just like our body thrives on healthy food that we eat, our skin also eats what we feed it. At Qēt Botanicals, we believe in working with proven, plant-based ingredients. 

    We hand-make our formulas with love and care, and we have a real desire to educate consumers about the benefits of using safe products. We refuse to compromise our health because of unsafe ingredients.

    Qēt is not a cover up, it's a remedy that came into existence because of a true, personal need. We’re not here to hide or camouflage skin, we're here to heal and reveal healthy skin.

    I knew early on, even in the first development phase of the Qēt products as my Rosacea calmed, my thyroid levels normalized, and my overall complexion and hair became more radiant and healthy, it was something I had to share.

    We're serious about keeping our treatments safe, and we're proud to be a part of the Environmental Working Group Verified program. We have connected with thousands of very satisfied customers since we launched in April of 2013. We all owe it to ourselves to know what we're using on our skin every day. To us, to our health, to our families, and to our surroundings, every drop matters.

    Qēt Botanicals was born out of this need for safe and effectual ways to treat our skin, without one drop of anything synthetic or toxic. Using high performing and proven elements, blended in small batches, means that when you experience and discover our treatments you’re receiving a fresh, vibrant, and healthy way to care for your body and your mind, and without harm to us, our hormones, or our environment.

    Your April Special ~

    It’s Springtime, and We’re Blooming!

    Thank you for your support! During this blooming month of April, we’re celebrating our 6 year brand-iversary by offering a sale on all of our favorite botanical face, body, and hair treatments ~ which is everything! This includes our newly launched Purely Suite which you'll now find on our site, all the way to our organic t-shirts, Mindful Wrap Bracelets, and accessories. 

    Use the code CHEERS to save site wide ~ enter the code at checkout.  


    Thank you, and good for you for reaching for clean and healthy treatments ~ every little bit matters.

    Cheers to Clean Beauty!

    Blooming ~ Big Time

    On a side note, I love plants, flowers, and the botanical world in general.

    You may have noticed a theme with flower images sprinkled in this post. I've included these photos of flowers because... well, just because I love them. 

    My husband didn't give me flowers for my birthday, he took me to them.

    Fifty acres and nearly 70 million ranunculus flowers showing their delicate faces and sharing their vibrant colors and soft aromas. 

    Thank you to The Carlsbad Flower Fields for keeping this land beautifully alive and blooming for all botanical lovers to enjoy.

    Surround yourself with what you love ~ 


    ~ Lisa