Today a reader. Tomorrow a leader.

Qēt Botanicals support local literacy programQēt Botanicals support local literacy program

Qet friend and founder of the Madison Reading Project, Rowan Childs, founded this organization in 2014 in an effort to bridge the gap of wanting to learn to read, to actually reading, learning, and loving to read. In an upcoming fundraiser, Qet Botanicals is proud to share a selection of our treatments to help fund this organization's heartfelt and global mission.

"Parntering with Africa Bridge, the Madison Reading Project gives Madison-area children the opportunity to interact with children in a Tanzanian village they are partnered with through letters, artwork, emails, photos and videos-making this an even greater educational opportunity. This reading-based curriculum supports children in Madison learning that reading can be fun and rewarding.  

We're passionate about helping kids find a love for reading and learning about the world.  We want to make our readers into leaders and we know that if you teach a child how to read they will read for a lifetime." The kids are learning about a variety of cultures, expanding their knowledge of geography, language and discovering what it's like to be a child in Tanzania. By supplementing the program's standard set of "American" books, kids read a variety of books from around the globe as part of the challenge. They are encouraged to pick books that are more challenging, in coordination with their reading tutors and to read every day.

By incorporating reading, fun educational activities we are enriching the reading experience but also sharing a love for helping others. The kids were excited to be helping others through their reading. With our community of children reading, learning and engaging with kids on the other side of the world, they'll discover more about what it is to be a global citizen, and foster compassion by helping others."

Find out more about their programs, volunteer opportunities and how to help by visiting Madison Reading Project