They're some of the best in their field... from the field. Literally.

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They're some of the best in their field... and they're from the field.

Literally. 🌿

🌱 They're EWG Verified, Leaping Bunny certified. and cruelty free. 🌱 They're globally award winning and they're recognized and recommended by health professionals. 🌱 They're 100% plant-based, and they're filled with organic ingredients. 🌱 They're freshly made in small batches to ensure purity and effectiveness. 🌱 They're free of harmful preservatives, artificial fragrances and ingredients, and they're made with love from us to you. 💚

What are they? They're our unique formulas for different skin conditions that care for our skin without one drop of anything toxic or synthetic. They're our Skin Suites, and they're fabulous. 

"But..." you may ask, "can they be as effective as the big brands in helping my skin?" Our answer is yes, they can, and often with the same or even better results.

Why? Because in our Qēt Botanicals' treatments there are no lab formulated synthetic ingredients that are overly preserved and stale. There are zero synthetic additives that are meant to mimic the antioxidants and true vitamins that plants provide to us for food, for benefitting the environment, and for the health of our skin. We'd rather work with the real deal and take the extra steps and feed our skin right. 

Each plant literally contains hundreds of unseen beneficial constituents, actives, ceramides, antioxidants, and phytonutrients that just can't be replicated by mixing a handful of synthetic liquids and thickeners together and calling it something that we've never heard of or can't pronounce.

Plants can help to hydrate, cleanse, heal, tone, and fight the signs of aging... you just have to be able to get the right plants in the right formulations that provide safe and effective results.

We turn those green powerhouses into formulas that help to look after our body and our skin, safely and in a natural, clean way.


The First Step... the Cleanse... and with an Oil? 

Yes! 🤩 Just like we learned in science class, oil removes oil. A sudsing or detergent-based cleanser, even many milk cleansers, might cleanse by using a harsh ingredient that can strip the skin and leave residual harmful ingredients behind.

When cleansing with one of our cleansing oils, no residual ingredients are left on the skin. The microbiome isn't stripped away while the cleanser gently and thoroughly does its job.

The secret to our cleansing oil? The removal. First, the massage, and then, the removal. Applying just the right amount of cleanser right over makeup or anything our skin has picked up during the day, then massaged with fingertips, is an enjoyable and loving experience. THEN whisking it away with a wet washcloth or reusable cotton pad is all it takes. What's left is thoroughly cleansed and soft skin... not skin that feels tight, dry and stripped of its texture or softness.  

Used on wet or dry skin, it really doesn't matter how you apply and massage it onto your complexion. Just remove it completely. When doing so, your pores are cleansed of pollution, impurities, makeup, and invisible gunk.

And yes, this is a wonderful cleansing for not only combination or dry skin, but oily skin and acne-prone complexions can benefit from oil cleansing as well. 😘


 Next, Tone (Hydrate) and Moisturize.

"Is a toner really necessary?" In our opinion, and in our skin's opinion, yes, absolutely, 100% a toner is necessary.

All of our facial treatments are 100% free of water, and rather than putting tap or filtered water on the face as the last water, it makes perfect sense for our skin to be conditioned and toned with beneficial hydration from plants.

I've always thought of our toners as being the plant's healthy exhale. 💦 When the oils are removed from the plants, they're collected and are heavy. The plants also release their own waters from their leaves, which is much lighter and is collected separately from the oils. 

The perfect pH balance of the skin is achieved, and our botanical toners work with our day and night serums to be applied evenly. A happy skin pH is 5.0 to 5.8, slightly acidic, so the skin has a little extra help in naturally fighting the elements. The natural pH of water is about 7.0 to 8.3, and it can be softened with softener salts, or hard with minerals that may be too difficult for our skin to handle and offer no benefit at all. 

Our botanical toners are a gentle version of skin-specific antioxidants and probiotics to keep skin at its prime. Because we include no water in our serums, they also help our serums to be applied effectively and evenly.  

Moisturize, and Remember to Shake it Up! 

Our handmade treatments require a little extra elbow grease and love from time to time. We'd rather add extra love than add synthetics or artificial ingredients to keep things premixed.

So... remember to shake your serums well before you enjoy them. Every ingredient speaks loudly and is included for a reason. Some ingredients are heavier than others, and it's often those heavier oils and humectants that we want to make sure we're applying. They love to settle at the bottom of our serum bottles. 

Shaking your products before applying your few drops not only ensures you have an even application of the formula, it's a reminder that there's something really good about to happen! 💝 Yes, each drop matters, so make the most of it and shake it up. 

Tip: Emptying the dropper before tightening the cap also prevents the plant actives from starting to weaken and soften the soft dropper. 


Exfoliate. What if your skin is too sensitive to exfoliate? 

I used to think that, and these are words that we still hear... until our exfoliants are discovered and enjoyed. 

We get it. We've all had that a bad experience with an exfoliant that was too harsh, too rough, or just didn't feel right. 

We use only the most natural and proven botanicals and organic ingredients to help us dissolve and remove the dead cells that invisibly accumulate and settle into our pores. We blend together our natural glycolic acid from organic plant sources, gluten free oats to help soften and clear, and natural minerals and vitamins found in clean clay and herbs. The kicker... we keep them dry so they're ready and willing to go to work for you when you are. 

By keeping our exfoliants dry, it keeps the actives sleeping until you wake them up by adding water to only what you need. Water breeds bacteria, and it's a very inexpensive filler ~ we avoid adding it to any of our face and body treatments.

🍵 Just like when you steep your tea bag in warm water, you inhale, and you begin to capture some of the aroma, it's the same with our exfoliants. Once you activate it with a little bit of water, your exfoliant is waking up for you and is getting ready to enjoy. 


The Last Step of your Daily Routine ~ The Day or Night Serum

Day Serum vs. Night Serum

🌞 Makeup, dust, pollution, UV rays, blue lights from our screens... our skin is battling these things and more every time we wake up or walk out the door. Our day serums have specific free-radical fighting antioxidants that fight off these nasties that affect the vitality of our skin.

It's the reason we have different formulas for day and night... our skin needs a different set of actives to combat what it faces day in and day out. 

When we think about plants and how they withstand the elements... high heat, cold weather, sunshine, too much water, not enough water, being trampled on, and even bacteria, it's amazing that plants, and even weeds, can grow at all. They have to be little powerhouses to take punches from every direction in nature like they do. That's exactly what they are... powerhouses that are filled with proven and high-performing nutrients.

🌛 Time to turn out the lights. When we sleep, our body heals, restores itself, and it's a mental and physical reset. Our night serums are formulated heavier without the same UV or blue light protection. With every inhale and exhale while resting, our body has a chance to reset itself. This is a wonderful time to give our skin the extra care is deserves, all while being safely tucked away in bed. Our night serums are formulated to be richer while still feeling light. When they're blended with a botanical toner and massaged onto our exfoliated skin, the night serum penetrates completely and gets to work while we rest. It's like a good night's sleep in each pure drop. 


There's a New Friend in Town

We love her. She's so full of love, she's always ready to help, and in the right hands, she can accomplish great things.  

Who is she? She's our newest facial experience ~ it's our rose quartz gua sha facial massage stone. 💓

We've already been selling this in our Skin Studios and it's been loved by all. We tested various rollers and facial tools, and this one feel just right to us. The weight, size, and shape is user-friendly and easy to use.

We love to use our gua sha facial tool each morning with a light application of cleansing oil. Puffiness is reduced, the muscles and tissues in the complexion get a healthy wake-up call, and toxins are helped to be escorted out through the draining of the lymph nodes that surround the face, neck, and jaw line. You can use it at night, too ~ either way is lovely.  

Each gua sha stone comes in a Qēt linen pouch with an included quick guide on how to use it and its benefits. With gentle care, you'll have it for years to come. 

We love having this tool at our fingertips. Here's the link to it on our site. Here's a hint... just like with all of our treatments, we know that it will never work if we don't do it. 😉

Tension relieving tip... applying the tool in a downward motion on the outsides of the neck toward the shoulders helps to reduce tension that often likes to settle into the neck and shoulder areas. 

How we start and end our day is up to us. It's wonderful to have relaxing and organic ways to bookend our days. 


We're busy. but we DO have two minutes.

If you've ever ordered one of our Getting Started Facial Kits (yes, they're part of the special this month, and they're great to travel and gift!), you've seen our Quick Guide tucked inside the brochure.

Even though our Skin Suites are a full range of remedy and care, they're still meant to go to work quickly with just a few minutes of 'me time' morning and night. 

For fast reference, here is our Quick Guide to a Beautiful Routine. Being totally honest, sometimes I do take more than two minutes in the morning or night with my skincare routine... because it's my time, and I never skip it.  I absolutely love it. 😌


Your September Special ~

How sweet it is! It's time we get back to the routine of relaxing and taking care of ourselves. 

We're sharing a special on each of the treatments in our full sized Skin Suites. If you're new, or if you want to share the benefits with a like-minded skincare savvy friend, our Getting Started Facial Kits are also a part of the special and make a great, mindful gift. 

Cruelty-free, vegan, globally awarded, and locally handmade with 100% plant-based, skin-loving ingredients. That's it. 

Code Suite15 saves 15% on our Skin Suite treatments and on our petite Qēt Getting Started Facial Kits, too! 

Find which Skin Suite is best for your current complexion, and feel free to mix and match to fit your unique complexion's needs. Here is the full list of the lovelies that are a part of this month's skin care special:

Cleansing Oils: Balancing, Hydrating, and Restoring

Clay Exfoliants: Balancing, Hydrating, and Restoring

Herbal Exfoliants: Balancing, Hydrating, and Restoring

Botanical Toners: Balancing, Hydrating, and Restoring

Day Serums: Balancing, Hydrating, and Restoring

Night Serums: Balancing, Hydrating, and Restoring

Getting Started Facial Kits: Balancing , Hydrating

The Full Sized Skin Suite in One Click: Balancing, Hydrating, and Restoring

BONUS: Our new Rose Quartz Gua Sha Facial Massage Tool 😊 


We'll pick up your shipping and handling costs with every U.S. order over $35.

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Are you new to Qēt and have questions on which Skin Suite is for you?

Peek at the descriptions in the site, or just ask. We're real people, and we have skin, too! 😄 Our Getting Facial Starter Kits are always the best way to discover and experience our treatments in small sizes at the start. After all, we're all different, and our skin is as unique as we are... which is exactly why we have the various treatments that we have. 

Instagram | Facebook | Email us at Hello@QetBotanicals. Drop us a note, and know that we're happy to be on your clean journey with you. 

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It's Your Decision ~ Love Yourself

Every day we have decisions to make, from the second we wake up, to the moment we go to bed. These decisions require actions. 

Then there are those decisions that affect how we think. Some decisions affect our point of view, our perspective, and our attitude.  ➡️ How we let situations around us affect our thinking is another decision that we make. Our attitude is everything, and attitude is a decision.  

Let's keep making those mindful decisions to do what's best for us and show ourselves some love in the meantime. It just might be the best decision we can make today.

Thank you for being here, and thank  👉 YOU 👈  for being here, too, 💜

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