The USA Love List ~ “The Best Non-toxic Facial Oils”

"Your brand wouldn't have made it on our site if you weren't something we absolutely loved. Congratulations, and thank you for making your products in the USA," The USA Love List.

Many thanks to USA Love List, an online magazine and shopping site dedicated to celebrating the very best of American made products. From home goods, to clothing, to skincare, and gifts, shopping areas, and resources for the guys and the gals, they share their findings to support our country's commerce.

They recently curated a list of non-toxic, healthy and safe facial oils and serums that are not only made in the USA, but meet their standards.

By Jill, Homiak, editor of the article... 

"There are so many claims made in the beauty industry, and it's so easy to get sucked into the glitz of it all. I made the switch to non-toxic, chemical free beauty and personal care products in 2015 when I trashed all my beauty products and started over. I'd never used facial oil before that because, as someone with oily/combination skin, I thought putting oil on your face would make you break out. I couldn't have been more wrong, and am so glad I know better now.

For over a year now, I've been experimenting with different facial oils to see which ones complement my skin best. These oils have helped to dull fine lines, brighten my skin, even my skin's texture, hydrate my skin, and prevent breakouts. As a result, I rarely, rarely get pimples and my skin is glowing. The oils found in these products are found in nature, and not chemically created. They all have different properties to help your skin, depending on your problem areas, skin type, and age."

Qēt Botanicals restoring night serum

Here is what USA Love List had to say about our Restoring Night Serum ~

"The Qet Botanicals Restoring Night Serum is perfect for skin in need of extra nourishment or moisture. This serum nourishes the skin gently and deeply and has ingredients that naturally mimic Retin-A, without the side effects of flaky skin and sun sensitivity. Immortelle and sea buckthorn berry oil are partners working together to balance the skin. They strengthen cells, reduce any scarring and irritation, and allow the inflammatory cycle to stop so healing can begin. Qet Botanicals is a special skincare line, hand-crafted from start to finish without a single drop of synthetic chemicals. The line was founded by one woman, Lisa Brill. She and her team develop, manufacture, test, fulfill, package, and ship + share all of its handmade, plant-based treatment products from its private facility in Wisconsin."

And now we have duplicated our efforts, and our California lab and skin studio is open as well. 

We couldn't be more happy to be included with such beautiful company.