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Qēt Botanicals clean Lisa interview with MeredithQēt Botanicals clean Lisa interview with Meredith

Inserted from The Roots of Health: Episode 14, interview with Meredith Rhodes Carson of From This Day Forward Health Coaching

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In your quest to gain health – you may choose to eat organically grown & GMO-free veggies & meats in order to reduce or eliminate toxins in your diet. That’s great! Now it’s time to consider the effect that your personal care products have on your body. Ingredients that make shampoos lather, that make lotions smell fragrant, that prevent you from… perspiring… have been shown to disrupt hormones and to be related to a number of human health issues. Most women use an average of 8-10 personal care products daily. We inhale, ingest, and absorb these toxins every single day.

Most conventional personal care products contain synthetic ingredients that are deemed toxic by the Environmental Working Group, but there are products out there that safely and naturally nourish your skin.

This week, Meredith chats with Lisa Brill, the founder of Qet Botanicals (pronounced ‘keet’), a family-owned, Wisconsin company that offers freshly-made and hand-crafted face, hair, and body products made from organic, sustainable, and wild-crafted botanical ingredients. Everything that Qet manufactures is made without the use of toxins, synthetics, or even a single drop of harmful chemicals or preservatives, in fact, all of their products are rated in the safest category with the lowest hazard levels in the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database.

Meredith and Lisa talk about why Qet Botanicals was created, about the meaning behind the name ‘Qet’, about what ingredients she uses in her products, about the Environmental Working Group’s Cosmetic Safety Database called Skin Deep, and about where you can locate Qet Botanicals – because you’re probably want to give it a try – starting with the putty deodorant… you’ll be glad you did!


More about Lisa:

After experiencing unexplained changes in health, suffering from thyroid swings and hormonal imbalances, and learning that Rosacea, adult acne, and sensitive skin was now thrown into the mix, Lisa knew it was necessary to purge all of the chemicals out of her bathroom and give her body not only a fresh start, but a chance to become healthy again. This was no small task as many products, even the “natural” products, can still contain a small amount of synthetic, and often harmful, ingredients.

Not finding what she needed online or on the shelves, it was out of sheer desperation, and it became clear, that Lisa needed to take matters into her own hands. Needing safe products that would not interfere with hormones or add to changing thyroid levels, and the need to address the changes in health and skin that were beginning to show both internally and externally, the then personal and unnamed line of treatments was slowly beginning to take shape for her own use. While researching effective treatments, botanicals, and healing herbs, and by beginning to use and carefully blend them together, almost immediately she noticed a change in her skin, hair, and overall health – for the better. Soon all of her oral and topical prescriptions were no longer needed. Starting with known, organic ingredients, addressing skin concerns, and then seeing and feeling a change almost immediately, Lisa knew she could not go back to the mass-produced and stale ingredients that are readily found on the shelves. And she knew it was something she had to share with others.

Lisa’s care and passion for truly fresh, effective, and premium products was ignited, and Qet Botanicals was born. Qet now offers something for every type of skin; it provides relief for sensitive skin, addresses Rosacea and skin upset, nourishes dry and dehydrated skin, targets acne and blemishes, reduces sensitivities, balances combination skin, and revitalizes wrinkles and tired skin. Hair finishing products and body treatments round-out the core line of products; Qet passionately believes that every ingredient that stays on the body should be safe, clean, and effective.

Fast forward to today, from start to finish, Qet proudly formulates all of their own original products, manufactures them, fills and labels their packaging, and ships directly to their Partners, or to their customer’s doorstep. They’ve promised to disclose every ingredient that goes into their formulations, and all of their products are rated in the safest category with the lowest hazard levels in the Environmental Working Group Skin Deep database. They’ve received national recognition and an Earth Day Beauty award for their skincare, a Sustainability award for their unique packaging, and now have select Partners throughout the Madison and Midwest area that offer Qet to their health-conscience clientele. With customers both internationally and throughout the country, guys and gals are discovering what freshly made and high-performing ingredients can do for one’s skin, hair, and health. Everything that Qet manufactures is made without the use of toxins, synthetics, or even a single drop of harmful chemicals or preservatives… and they wouldn’t have it any other way.

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