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We were thrilled to have the opportunity to provide some helpful hints on cleaning up even the simplest of our daily care products. It was shared in the May 24-30th San Clemente Times publication.

Here is the article for your reference.  

Let’s Get Smart about our Daily Care Products

Just a couple of years ago it was said that about 50% of men and women have sensitive skin. Now this figure reaches up to 91% in some countries. More than 14 million people have Rosacea. About 1 in 5 people suffer from auto immune issues.  The numbers continue to rise. Blech! 

Unfortunately, many of our daily products ~ moisturizers, cleansers, deodorants, hair products ~ have hormone disrupting and allergy inducing ingredients.  Even if you’re not a big product wearer, introducing just a small amount of synthetic ingredients daily can add up through the years. But… it’s never too late to make a difference!

I’m one of those people with Rosacea, thyroid issues, and sensitive skin. In my 40s I purged every synthetic from my bathroom. I was loosing my hair, my voice, gained weight, lost weight, and my skin fluctuated with all of it. I’ve shared photos on our website showing my journey ~ nothing to cheer about. I couldn’t find anything that was helping, that was safe, clean enough, or that I enjoyed using. 

Out of desperation, I started formulating products to care for my skin and for my self.  It’s the entire reason that Qēt Botanicals (pronounced “keet”) was born. Now in my 50s, I see the results, feel the wonderful effects of using only natural ingredients, and refuse to compromise my health for beauty products. 

Since 2013, Qēt Botanicals has been formulating and sharing our 100% natural and plant-based treatments. In 2015, we opened our Wisconsin Skin Studio, and in 2017 came our second home here in San Clemente. 

We don’t formulate makeup; we develop plant-based, antioxidant-rich, nontoxic care products. We work with premium, proven plant-based ingredients that help defy aging, add hydration and moisture, rejuvenate the skin tone, and feed the skin effectively without one drop of anything synthetic or harmful. Period.

Because of our clean ingredients and safe manufacturing practices, we’re part of the EWG Verified program and have received national awards for a variety of our face, hair and body products. To learn more about clean ingredients, safe brands, and to have a wonderful resource of health at your fingertips, visit and click on their Skin Deep database. They list details on over 73,000 ingredients; we’re honored that all of our products have earned their safest ranking.  

We have Skin Suites for various conditions of skin and have starter kits for many of our skin and hair treatments. A great place to start! Mention this ad and receive a free product sample. 

Feel free to reach us with any questions. We’re all about sharing what we know and what we love. After all, no one has ever said that they regretted taking such good care of their skin.

Cheers to clean ingredients! 

~ Lisa Brill, Owner | Founder of Qet Botanicals

Qēt Botanicals feature San Clemente Times

Qēt Botanicals feature San Clemente Times