Qet Connects with London’s Volt Magazine

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty London's Volt MagazineQēt Botanicals clean beauty London's Volt Magazine

Meet Qet… in London. Volt Magazine, a London-based fashion-forward magazine, increases awareness of natural products from around the globe through its online presence, Volt Café. 

In a recent list of their “hero products,” Qet was mentioned for not one, but three of our serums, as well as being good for men's grooming. The Hydrating Day Serum, Hydra-Rose Eye Serum, and Garden Serum for Body were highlighted.

From the Intelligent Beauty section of Volt Café:

“Volt Café is happy to announce an upcoming series of shoots, interviews and articles highlighting incredible and in some cases even edible organic cosmetics. We aim to create a heightened awareness in beauty choices, call it ‘beauty from the inside’, nutrition, DIY skincare, natural treatments and gratifying spa therapies.

We believe in the beauty of being well informed, clarity in attempts at ‘green washing’ and the importance of meandering successfully through the ‘small print’ of confusion enabling us to purchase both safe and good quality items. We want to transcend the easy subject of the latest ‘miracle cream’ in order to review sunscreens, fake tans, hair products, how to detox your house, make up and nail varnish, without sending you to snoozeville. This isn’t about popping a magic pill; you do have to work for it! Given that embracing what you eat and indeed spread over your body, is reflected not only in your skin and energy levels, but also why your tolerance threshold for certain everyday stresses is at a minus! Sometimes you just need that push. We’re hoping to be that push…in the right direction.

Our Beauty Director Linda Öhrström, who is already very keen on organic food in her healthy lifestyle, is similarly curious about organic and natural products in the world of beauty. Linda was incredibly inspired by her discoveries, an inspiration which has been translated into a series of stunning beauty shoots, using only natural and organic skincare and make up.

She also felt compelled to write infectious and straightforward lists of information on how you can initiate a change in your beauty routine if you feel organic is the way to go. There will be reviews of all her hero products, which will be beautifully illustrated ready for collecting, think 1970’s cookery cards!

From interviews with the people we feel really make a difference to revealing which is the cheapest all-around wonder product in a jar, carton or indeed brown paper, we aim to make natural beauty easier to understand and implement in your every-day life.

Neither Linda nor Volt Café think we are experts, it’s a huge subject and we’re finding our feet along the way but some of the products are just so good we felt we had to share them with you. These are just our observations and opinions, helping you to make up your mind.

That’s what it really boils down to – making an informed choice.”   We couldn't agree more.