Our Microbiome – Getting a Healthy Gut and Healthy Skin

Qēt Botanicals healthy skin care

Healthy Gut ~ Healthy Skin

My skin is sensitive. I have to stay a step ahead of my Rosacea, I get an occasional eczema spot, I have my thyroid swings under control, and I see and feel the difference in my skin according to what I eat. Period.

Having a healthy gut makes a difference in how we sleep, digest our food, maintain a healthy weight, and it keeps our skin healthy as well. It's about the gut's microbiome. The gut's microbiome is connected to the skin's microbiome. It's important to have a healthy skin microbiome to fight off skin sensitivities and general upset on the surface.

What is a healthy skin microbiome? It's a group of healthy viruses, fungi, and bacteria that work with our skin to fight off other unhealthy organisms.

Can we easily protect it? And how?  

According to the Nutritional Aesthetics Alliance, here are 5 healthy ways to protect the skin's microbiome.

If you're already familiar with our products and are already using Qēt, then chances are, your microbiome is already smiling.  

  1. “Minimize Forced Exfoliation.” Be gentle. On the face, our clay or herbal exfoliants. On the body, our body polishes, or dry brushing following by our Fresh Body Oil. Be gentle, and let the elements do the work for you. 
  2. “Eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as fermented foods.” These foods assist in the gut's microbiome, which in turn helps the skin's microbiome. See the connection? Delight!
  3. “Avoid the use of antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers.” Unfortunately the good and the bad bacteria are eliminated with them, and the bacteria has mutated into other strains. In 2016 there was a ban on many ingredients used in these soaps, but some are still out there. 
  4. “Apply plant-derived oils to the skin regularly.” Plants naturally feed the skin with prebiotics and antioxidants that assist in protecting and help to provide protection to the microbiome and the cells beneath.
  5. “Use small batch, herbal skincare products topically.” We couldn't have said this better ourselves!! Fewer ingredients, fresher batches, no strong preservatives ~ all benefitting to the microbiome and the skin as a whole. 

Some skin is fortunate enough to withstand anything that comes its way ~ other skin is not.

Oils are wonderful at providing anti-aging benefits, and when it comes to keeping the microbiome happy and healthy, well, it covers that as well. Thankfully! 

Image: NIZO.com 

Qēt Botanicals healthy skin careQēt Botanicals healthy skin care