Let the Healing Begin

Qēt Botanicals clean heal beauty Qēt Botanicals clean heal beauty

What affect can natural, fresh, and chemical-free products have on skin? Positive affects!

Eczema is a skin condition that affects many – irritation, inflammation, and swollen limbs can be an itchy nuisance to anyone touched by this condition. There are many different types of eczema and, although we're not making any medical claims, we have permission to share with you the results a Qet user had when she switched her traditional products for Qet. Eczema, or atopic dermatitis, is a condition that can come on slowly and take time to heal. These results were after less than six months of using Qet. Each image shows the condition on the left shin. After using only Qet Botanicals products in the shower to cleanse, shave, and hydrate, the irritated skin has become clear and relieved.

Her words, “I suffered from eczema for a major part of my adult life. I switched laundry detergents and tried soaps and lotions from many different manufacturers. I cut certain foods out of my diet I had read could be triggers. I went to the dermatologist and tried all the creams and ointments he prescribed. Nothing worked. I went entire summers without wearing shorts or dresses because I was so embarrassed about my severe eczema. Finally, I tried Qet Botanicals. I am thankful to have found this amazing line of products with all natural ingredients. The results are incredible, my eczema is finally healed, and I no longer have to be ashamed to show my legs.  Thanks Qet, you have made such a difference in my life!”

These are the Qet products used ~

Cleanse in the shower with body polish ~ Raw Cacao & Oats Body Polish

Shaving oil for legs ~ Fresh Body Oil for Shaving, Showering & Massage

Hydrate and Moisturize ~ Ultra Garden Serum for Body

Extra Hydration if Needed ~ Lavish Serum Salve

We're not saying that every skin condition can be cleared up, but we all know that chemicals and synthetics get in the way of our body's natural ability to heal. Many different factors can affect one's skin condition and overall health, and we're delighted to see such a difference in this Qet friend's condition after using our natural formulations.

These untouched photos are shared with permission. The only thing the photos don't show is the gratitude and smile on her face.