It's "Thyme" (and turmeric!) to Keep our Skin Clear + Other Tips for Healthy, Cool Summer Skin

Meet our Weekend Warrior Collection 

for balanced and clear summer skin.   

The weekends of summer ~ we often try to cram so much into those two days... a garage clean-up, setting up or tending to the garden, taking on a new DIY project, a yard makeover or tweak, or just pulling those weeds. 💪 

During the hot temps and outdoor fun, sweat and dirt can sneak into the pores and make our skin sticky, sensitive, and congested.

It’s time to keep those muscles cool and our skin clean and clear ~ it’s thyme for clear skin (get it? 😉... read on, you'll see what we mean).    

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Balancing Toning Water with Melissa, Cucumber, Rose Geranium and Pomegranate Probiotic Peptides. With CoolSummer code $22.10.

Have you heard of the saying, "cool as a cucumber?"

Well then, meet our Balancing Toning Water. It's true and organic purity from Melissa leaf, cucumbers, and rose geranium flowers with a hint of a skin-specific probiotic in a curated skin cooling blend. Ahhh ~ 😊 

Some love to add it to their daily routine just during these hot summer months.

Just a mist on a clean complexion, or even over makeup, can freshen throughout the day while helping to calm inflammation, balance an over-active oil production, and cool the surface. Just like with all of our toning waters, as a body spray it's lovely, too! 

One of our friends loves it not only for how it feels and its freshness, but she said that the cucumbers in it remind her of her favorite Bloody Mary cocktail drink with brunch! 😜 🥒


Spot Serum, for acne, bug bites, Rosacea, rashes, and minor skin upset. With CoolSummer code $27.20. 

It's 'thyme' for clear skin... and turmeric, too! 

Just one (yes just☝) well shaken drop of our Spot Serum added after your day or night serum on the blemish can stop the redness and inflammation and snuff out trapped bacteria right in its tracks.  

Turmeric, thyme, sea buckthorn berry, and other skin-loving elements are ready to go to work for you on any acne, bug bites, hormonal outbreaks, Rosacea bumps, or rashes.

And yes... we did say bug bites. Just a drop massaged onto the area can stop that annoying itch and help speed up the healing process. 

Thyme has been proven to be as effective as benzoyl peroxide without the drying effects of it. Rather than dry out the surface of the skin making it hard, and sometimes crusty, it keeps the skin soft so what needs to come out can, and what needs to go in to help calm and heal it, will. 

Each drop can help to treat not only the symptoms but also the causes of irritated skin. Antibacterial and antiseptic agents give your skin the chance it deserves to let the natural healing begin - naturally.


Fresh Body Oil for Shaving, Showering, Massage, and Oil Brushing. With CoolSummer code $29.75. Natural Body Brush with CoolSummer code $6.80.

"Ahhh" is for ahhh Little Extra Body Care for Soft and Supple Skin

Just a partial pump of Fresh Body Oil, is all it takes. Massage onto wet skin while in the shower and follow with a gentle massage from the body brush. It cleanses away any dirt or impurities, stimulates the nerve endings, increases microcirculation, and is a softening and moisturizing treatment for dry skin that's ready to embrace summer. 🌞

We call it oil brushing, which can offer the same benefits as dry brushing. Instead of the friction of the brush on dry skin, the gentler friction of the brush on wet skin with a small amount of oil is comforting with all the same lymphatic drainage benefits as dry brushing. Just like a toothbrush, when it starts to look tired, or after about three months, it's time to replace it.  

This lovely shaving, showering, massage, and dry brushing oil isn’t an excessive treat, it’s a necessity. The smoothing and soothing effects of this oil are blissful for your skin and senses. It'll help to naturally calm and soothes skin while creating a smooth skin surface. Great for shaving legs and sensitive areas, and it's also great as a natural massage oil. The organic peppermint has a natural cooling effect and can be beneficial to sensitive nerve endings. 


Meet a Few of our Warrior Friends

Lip Balm with Green Tea & Vitamins to keep the lips from drying out. It's great on hard working hands and cuticles, too.

Forest Fresh Dry Putty Deodorant to keep the smell and synthetics away.

Fresh Body Oil and body brush to help hydrate and moisturize the skin when cleaning up after your workout or weekend warrior session.

Re-Fresh to keep the hands clean without ethers, alcohols, or synthetics. It feels cooling sprayed on the arms and limbs, too.  👉 By the way... here's a tip with this treatment. Biting bugs and mosquitoes are not fans of various botanicals. Using a mist of our Re-Fresh on arms and legs can help to fend them off without anything harmful to our skin. Take that, bugs! 👍 

Re-Leaf to ease the muscle aches and tension after your weekend shenanigans.


Botanical Body Powder, a hidden gem on our site. With CoolSummer code $25.50.  Body powder brush with CoolSummer code $13.60.

You've called it "The Summertime Game Changer!" 

Just a very light dusting of our Botanical Body Powder under the arms, where there's chafing, under running bras, between the toes, and even on the creases of arms and legs ~ it's cooling, softening, and instantly fresh.

Only a small amount is needed and the jar lasts a long time. It naturally absorbs excess sweat or oil on the skin, it leaves the skin silky fresh while on the go, and of course it's safe and talc free. 💚 And... it smells divine. 

The Two Minute Clean, Clear and Cool Care for Skin 

1. Start with a massage of a small amount of cleansing oil on the complexion to remove sweat, dirt, makeup, impurities. It's important to remove it completely with a wet washcloth, cotton pad, or even wet paper towel if you're in a pinch. Just make sure to remove it... it's your cleanser and even though it feels and smells great, it needs to be removed. 

2. One to three times a week add either the clay or herbal exfoliant, and as a mask the Green Tea Mask once or twice a week to gently exfoliate and clarify the pores for clear skin. 

3. After cleansing, a mist of botanical toner combined and massaged onto the skin with 2-3 drops of your well shaken day or night serum. 

4. If needed, follow with just one well shaken drop of Spot Serum massaged onto the blemish as the last step.

It's a natural routine to keep acne prone, sensitive, or a complexion that tends to be oily or out of balance healthy, clear, and nourished. 


Your July Special     

Hot temps, outdoor projects, and fun ~ all of these things can lead to sweat and dirt sneaking in and staying in the pores.

🌱 It’s time to keep skin clean and clear ~ it’s thyme for clear skin. 🌱 

Meet our Weekend Warrior Collection 

for balanced, clear, and cool summer skin. 

In July, save 15% on a handful of our specially selected treatments.  

Online or in store, use code CoolSummer now through 7/31/2024. 

Balancing Skin Suite (Balancing Cleansing Oil, Balancing Clay or Herbal Exfoliant, Balancing Toning Water, Balancing Day and Night Serum)

Botanical Body Powder and Powder with Brush Set

Fresh Body Oil and Fresh Body Oil with Body Brush Set

Forest Fresh Dry Putty Deodorant and Freshened Vanilla Dry Putty Deodorant

Green Tea Mask with Raw Cacao

Lip Balm with Green Tea & Vitamins

Re-Fresh for Clean Hands and Cooled Skin

Re-Leaf for Muscle Aches and Tension Relief

Spot Serum for Acne and Skin Upset (and those bug bites)

Add code CoolSummer to the Discount Code at the top of your cart and click Apply, or stop into our shop to get the discount and grab all of your self care summer essentials. 


~ Five Stars and Kind Words from Qēt Friends ~

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   "Someone stopped me today to ask what foundation I was wearing and compliment my skin. After having acne for more than half of my life, I shyly welcome any compliment. I told the person, though, that anything good about my skin has to do with skincare, and not the foundation I rarely cover it with. I found myself once again recommending a very special, local, female-owned-and-operated business, Qēt Botanicals. Qēt’s products and their owner’s help and guidance transformed my skin and convinced me to finally move to eco-friendly, organic, sustainable skincare. I even wrote a testimonial for their website so I could share my excitement over these amazing products. No ad here - just an excited girl who is happy to let her own skin show through with a smile. ~ N.

 ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐   "A good friend of mine recommended Qēt a little over a year ago and I have loved it since I first tried it. I used to have breakouts on my forehead and chin while also having dry skin on my cheeks especially in the summer. Once my skin was used to the oils, it's been clear ever since. The smell of all of the products lift my mood each time I use them. I was worried that the price was too high but you only need such a small amount that its really not much different than the products I used to use. Plus, I use fewer things and it takes less time. I never would have guessed that using an oil on my face would clean it so well that my acne would clear up....but I love it! ~ Amy 


I Can... We Can... Relate to You 

A customer said to me recently, "You must have to have good skin to use these products." The quick and truthful answer is no, absolutely not. You can see on an image of my skin below that it's definitely not the case. 

Not all oils are good for our skin. However, already comfortable skin, sensitive skin, young and wise skin, his and her skin... any skin can benefit from oils, but it just has to be the right oil in the right kind of blend and formulation to do the trick.

It's not only about using natural products to help get our skin ~ or keep our skin ~ clear and youthful. It's also about how it makes us feel when we know that there's nothing synthetic or harmful getting in the way of our skin and our whole body health. What's good for the mind can also be good for the skin.

Nearly all of us have had an issue here and there with skin, and with the proper ingredients inside and out, yes... even natural treatments can really make a difference.  

Let us know if there's anything we can help with. We have skin just like you do, and with everything that we formulate and share with you, we love each ingredient, and we're proud of the final results in the bottle and how we feel when using them. 

😎 Enjoy each week day and weekend of summer, don't be afraid to sweat and try something new. Remember to bookend each day with just a few minutes of self care. Those moments are yours and they belong only to you... enjoy them! 

Happy and Healthy July!

~ Lisa 

Below: On the left... my skin in my early 40s and the reason that I developed Qēt Botanicals in the first place. Rosacea, hormonal and adult acne, sensitive skin to the max, inflammation and redness like crazy, and wrinkles and acne at the same time (how does that even happen?!). On the right... my skin in my late 50s. It's the struggles and journeys like these that make us smarter about our choices and our overall health.  

Shop online for our fresh deliveries, follow along with us on socials, come see us in person if you're nearby, and share your thoughts by email or by phone.

Either way you choose, we're delighted to be on this clean path with you. 🌎

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