It's a Mask-er-Aid! Botanical masks to the rescue!

Mix it Up... Mask it Up! 

Boo! We're stepping out from behind the mask, and we're revealing our healthy and revitalized complexion! It's time to purify, heal and restore the skin. 

Happy October! We'll be seeing all kinds of masks popping up this month. We're not talking about the scary kind ~ we're talking about the kind that makes our skin want to come out of hiding! We're also not about hiding ingredients or being sneaky to throw-in synthetics or fillers. We use only skin-loving, natural, and plant elements to keep our skin happy and nourished. We feel, and we know, that we're all beautiful and unique ~ natural ingredients and wholesome actives enhance what we already have. 

This month we’re mixing and masking to purify, heal, and restore a healthy glow. Autumn is here and it may be time to add an extra boost once or twice a week.          

Setting aside just 5-10 minutes to add a different element, via a botanical mask, to the skin can make a big difference in the overall health of our complexion. The vitamins, nutrients, Omegas, and natural antioxidants found in our nationally awarded and hand made facial masks can help to heal, calm, purify and restore what time and the elements can take away.  Our body fuels itself on various nutrients. Guess what ~ so does our skin!  :)

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty botanical masks

Our Skin is Telling us Something

Caramel apples, pumpkin lattes, roasted squash soup ~ it all happens this month... the tastes of Autumn are upon us. 

With that sometimes come an extra bag of candy or sugary things around the house. Sugar is an acidic substance that not only causes inflammation inside of our bodies and gut, but it can also cause acne and speed up the aging process for our skin.

How can sugar affect our skin? 

Our skin's natural collagen production is what keeps our complexion looking young and healthy. Sugar attacks the collagen at a cellular level and makes it look dull while robbing it of its hydration. When skin is dehydrated, it can lead to a wrinkle. Last month we talked about the difference between hydrating and moisturizing our skin... you can peek at that here.

As we get the sugar highs and lows, it causes stress in the body that can show on our skin by making it looking dull and tired. Sugar takes the water out of our blood cells. This not only causes dry skin, but it can appear to be puffy and can lead to those under-eye bags and circles. 

Our body benefits from what we feed it, and our skin does as well. Because of sugar's toxic effect and inflammation it causes in the gut, it's hard to digest. When food isn't digesting properly, it shows up on our skin ~ rashes, redness, puffy skin, dark circles, yeast imbalances, and an uneven complexion. 

What about free radicals and skin? 

Free radicals cause premature aging, as well as disease and inflammation in the body. Sugars are believed to actually create free radicals in the body. They're not free at all ~ they come at a hefty price! Fight them off by eating a healthy dose of antioxidants. What's the internal remedy for healthy skin? Avoiding refined sugars, syrups, yes, even honey - it's all 'sugar' to the body. As often as possible, load-up on the natural, organic foods and colorful veggies. 

Antioxidants are important fighters in the war against free radicals, and foods with natural sugars, such as fruits and vegetables, are excellent sources of this free radical fighting damage. To boost the antioxidant levels, follow a plant-based diet as much as possible, shop fresh and wholesome, and avoid foods with added sweeteners. 

Our skin fights free radicals that cause premature aging the same way ~ with antioxidants, vitamins, and natural sources of nutrients. Shazam! Our entire brand is based on the principle of using whole plant actives, botanicals, pure clays, and healthy harvesting methods without the use of chemicals or harmful sprays.

Approximately 70% of what we feed our skin goes directly to our bloodstream, quickly(!), and what we pump and slather on our skin is just as important as what goes on our forks. 

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty botanical masks

We are Cruelty-Free and have No Animal Ingredients in our Products

Hooray for These New Bills Just Passed!

The state of California is making headway in beauty world! In addition to the California governor signing a recent law banning dine-in restaurants from giving customers single-use plastic straws, unless they're asked for, (we've seen what they do in the oceans to the fish and mammals) now there's a bill that's been passed for our furry land animals. Hooray ~ progress! 

Last month another big bill for the beauty industry was passed. Big! By the year 2020, in the state of California, any beauty product ~ these include skincare, makeup, hair products, body treatments ~ that has gone through animal testing will be pulled from the shelves. If a brand is not committed to being cruelty-free and does animal testing, its products will be barred from the state of California. This is an extremely important bill that has been passed in the last 30 days, and it's a giant step ahead to having more brands being committed to cruelty-free beauty.  We're hoping other states follow soon. 

Since day one, we at Qet Botanicals have been and are 100% cruelty free. With the exception of the Manuka Honey we use in one of our Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka, we are a completely vegan brand as well. 

On the contrary, there are many brands promoting the use of animals and/or their by-products. Many animals are becoming popular for donating their parts to the beauty industry. Here are the most common animals and insect parts that get blended into various cosmetics and skincare out there:

  • beetles
  • bats
  • snakes
  • chickens
  • sheep
  • sharks
  • fish
  • snails
  • whales
  • horses
  • cows

These are the most popular animals whose by-products are squeezed, scooped out, cooked up, or extracted. Animals and/or their by-products are used in many makeup and skincare brands, and sometimes they're given fancier or scientific names. The bottom line is that many are raised only for their specific parts, and many are used in testing various synthetic treatments. 

 If we choose not to eat these animals or their parts, why should our skin?

Image: Getty Images

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty botanical masks

Skin Food ~ It's a Real Thing

We've made the choice to use plant-based actives and elements in our skincare rather than animal or synthetically manufactured ingredients. How we live, how we eat, and how we care for ourselves… it’s all part of the big picture of integrated wellness. Our skin quickly eats what we feed it every day.  The connection between our daily routines and how we feel is huge! The choices we make on our forks, and the choices we make on what we put on our skin are connected and integral to our overall health and wellness. Qēt Botanicals is a 100% plant-based brand passionate about seeking wellness and keeping things clean everyday. Plants offer phytonutrients to fight against free radical damage, increase circulation, and promote collage production… naturally! The end result is a complexion that not only feels rejuvenated, but is rejuvenated. Antioxidants, vitamins, proteins ~ each drop is like a multi-vitamin for the skin. Whether or not we know it, we’re feeding our skin from the inside and from the outside. Every time we eliminate a food or product that contains toxins and harmful chemicals, we’re allowing our health and wellbeing to take place as nature intended. See for yourself ~ read our ingredient lists on our 50+ treatments. You’ll recognize our ingredients because they come from nature and not from a synthetic chemical. We use not one drop of anything fake or artificial. We also strive to keep our ingredient lists short and focus on using more of our celebrated and proven ingredients. The end result: a very concentrated and pure performing fresh product.  Here are some of our favorite ingredients you’ll find in our various face, hair, and body treatments:

  • Cranberry
  • Cucumber
  • Avocado
  • Raspberry
  • Carrot
  • Grape
  • Broccoli
  • Thyme
  • Turmeric
  • Cacao
  • Matcha Tea
  • Sunflower
  • Safflower
  • Coconut
  • Olive
  • Almond
  • Lavender
  • Rose

By making healthy choices inside and out, our body recognizes it and our skin allows it to show. Thousands of Qēt friends agree. Hello, radiance!

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty botanical masks

Charcoal Masks ~ Why We Don't Formulate Them and Use Charcoal

Charcoal facial masks, toothpastes, and body treatments are becoming more and more popular. We've been asked if we're going to incorporate a charcoal mask into our core of facial masks. The answer is... no. 

The reason that charcoal masks are popular is because they help to unclog pores, absorb impurities, oil, and pollutants from the skin.  Our Antioxidant Mask with Cranberry and our Green Tea & Raw Cacao mask can offer the same benefits, and these ingredients are sustainable, cleanly harvested, and come completely from plants. The plants and oils that we blend together for these masks are unaltered and are kept in their healthy state.

How is charcoal made? Charcoal is made by burning wood, coconut shells, twigs, plant matter, and sometimes animal matter together. Charcoal is a manmade substance. 

The matter that makes the charcoal is allowed to burn for days in large concrete or steel silos. Before it turns to ash, the burning is stopped, and what's left behind is the charcoal. Charcoal is black carbon and ash residue from the wood and any other plant or animal matter that is mixed in with the wood. 

Once charcoal dries on the skin, it is difficult to remove and can cause irritation, slight skin removal, and removal of the vellus hair, or fine hair, found on the surface of the skin.

While charcoal may be good at pulling pollutants and impurities out of the pores, its manufacturing process is not the healthiest for our environment.

Alternatively, our pure clays sourced without burning ingredients for days and are not exposed to radiation. They are a cleaner source for our skin and our environment. We also use healing herbs, cacao, cranberry, and other botanicals. Our favorite pure clays that we incorporate into our exfoliants and masks are:

  1. Green Montmorillonite Clay
  2. Rhassoul Clay
  3. Kaolin Clay

All are different, all have different benefits, and we use them respectively in our three exfoliants for our Skin Suites ~ Balancing, Hydrating and Restoring ~  as well as our Antioxidant Mask with Cranberry and our Green Tea Mask with Raw Cacao. 

Coal has been used for centuries as a source of power, energy, fuel, and even for art. There are greener ways emerging every day as alternatives to charcoal. We've made the decision to not use this manmade resource and keep with Mother Nature's gifts that she shares. 

Charcoal Plant Image: NBC News

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty botanical masks

Q. What's the sexiest thing a person can wear?

A. Confidence.

Give someone praise, and you may just boost their confidence ~ and it may boost your mood, too!

But, when there are skin struggles, health mishaps, or a general feeling of not being our best, then it can be hard to raise the confidence meter. This is where our daily visual reminder comes in.

Beautiful ~ Natural ~ Confident. There on the wall in our San Clemente Skin Studio we see these words every day, and so do our friends when they come in to discover our botanical beauty treatments. Why these three words? Because sometimes we need reminders that it doesn’t matter what our skin, hair, or body is going through. It’s our mind that gives us a boost! Rather than just keeping it on the wall, sometimes wrapping it around our wrist is like a mindful hug from a friend.

Beautiful ~ to be beautiful is simply to feel beautiful.

Natural ~ there is nothing more authentic and real as something, or someone, that is natural.

Confident ~ being confident looks, and IS, attractive and healthy on everyone.

They're new! We have personalized mindful bracelet wraps with these three powerful words on them now available online and in our Skin Studios.

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty botanical masks


Qēt Botanicals clean beauty botanical masks

Your October Special 

We don't like scary ingredients, and we don't like hiding behind a mask of synthetic ingredients and harmful chemicals. Let's mix it up, mask it up, step out from behind the botanical mask and reveal our healthy skin! 

In October, SAVE 10% on our collection of masks for various skin conditions. Our masks include:

Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka UMF 16+

Antioxidant Mask with Cranberry

Green Tea Mask with Raw Cacao

Lavish Serum Salve

Our treatments fit into the EWG Verified® program and have been whole-heartedly Verified. Safe for you. Safe for our environment. Lovely to indulge in. Use this code at checkout: MASKMEQET

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty botanical masks

Speaking of 'Mask-er-aid'

We just can't help it! 

This month, it's funny because almost every time we see or say masquerade for our "mask-er-aid" special we can't help but sing... "Masquerade!" from The Phanton of the Opera ( link to it on Netflix).  

The days are getting shorter and it's nice to snuggle up and catch a movie now and then. Here's the song "Masquerade" on YouTube just in case you need a song to get stuck in your head for the day. If you can catch the performance in person... it's amazing!! 

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty botanical masks

Nature Creates our Ingredients

Nature creates our ingredients ~ that's nature's job. Our job is to blend the various ingredients and botanicals together for various skin conditions and treatments.

This is what our skin, body, and mind knows and appreciates.

Every drop and every ingredient that we blend together is for skin nourishing and healing benefits. Our ingredients and products have earned the safest ranking in Environmental Working Group's database, and their Verified program (yes!) for safe skincare habits. Each botanical element has an important purpose to help revitalize and balance the complexion, or it doesn't make it into our formulas. Period. 

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty botanical masks

Come see us at the Madison Women's Expo 

Every year we attend, participate, and educate at the Madison Women's Expo... and every year we're thrilled that we did. We meet new friends, get reacquainted with old friends, and more importantly, give nudges in the right direction for those that are looking to clean up the routine but don't know how to start.

We only attend a couple of these expos a year, and you know we only have two Skin Studios where we formulate and share our treatments and educate our friends in person. But... through our online boutique our reach is far and wide, our heart is filled with passion and patience as we walk through the journey with you, and we appreciate your healthy choices you make. The choices you make have a big impact locally and globally. 

Qēt Botanicals clean beauty botanical masks

Words to 'Live' By ~ 

"Just living is not enough... one must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower."~ Hans Christian Andersen 

Sunshine feeds the flower. Freedom allows us to make healthy choices. Flowers... well, we love them for not only their natural beauty, but for how they allow us to flourish and feel beautiful. 


~ Lisa