How to Come Clean with Cleansing Oils … Make a Splash, and Love Your Skin!

Qēt Botanicals healthy cleanserQēt Botanicals healthy cleanser

Go Ahead... Make a Splash

Yes, it IS fun with cleansing oils. And the side effects? Clear skin, clear pores, and a healthy glow to get you going.


Qēt Botanicals healthy cleanser

An oil to cleanse my skin with... really?

Yep. You betcha. Uh-huh. Yes.

"I was skeptical, and now I can't believe my skin." "I was afraid at first, and now l love it!" "My skin feels so much better already - all of my blackheads are gone." These are just some of the comments we hear after first-time customers use our cleansing oils.

We're not the only ones that say "yes!" to cleansing oils... it's a trending way to cleanse all over the internet. Only this isn't a trend. Skin that normally gets clogged is cleared, pores are clean and will appear smaller, and the important protective layer on the surface is not swept away from a foaming or cream cleanser. Even many dermatologists agree with the cleansing oil method.

Qēt Botanicals healthy cleanser

Wash This Way

Clearer skin, just from washing? 

Dirt, grime, sweat, pollution ~ every day our skin comes in contact with these things. What happens next? Inflammation can occur simply because of the impurities, which can lead to premature aging and collagen damage. Collagen is an extremely beneficial protein in the body that provides structure, strength, and movement to our muscles, bones, and yes, our skin.

According to Mona Gohara, MD, from the Yale School of Medicine, "Proper cleansing not only gets rid of that gunk, but it also makes the things you apply to help your skin, like serums, more effective." Enough said. You know about our love of serums - it's our favorite way to nourish our skin. Now, let's cleanse our skin the right way!

A Proper Cleanse

A helping hand to manage problems and skin upset.

With your own fingertips as tools, and just a small amount of our concentrated cleansing oil, your skin can become a beautiful canvas for your other treatments. Not only is it necessary to cleanse away the day from your skin before bedtime, it's important to keep things in balance. This is where it gets complicated - but just like with all of our proprietary products, we like to keep it simple with the finest, proven, limited, yet high-performing ingredients.

"Cleansing needs to remove all the stuff you don't' want, without stripping skin of its moisture," Dr. Gohara says. "There's a surprising amount that can go wrong."

Keeping the natural barrier in tact is important to provide protection from bacteria and the elements. Our skin has its share of good bacteria on the surface, and there are naturally occurring peptides lingering as well. These are crucial to protecting our largest organ from the bad guys - inflammation, premature aging, and dull and tired cells.

"If you wash your face too much and too hard, or with a harsh soap, you disrupt the biofilm and remove the lipids that are underneath it, making your skin dry, flaky, and itchy," says Zoe Diana Draelos, M.D., a dermatologist in High Point, NC. What happens when you skip washing your face? Well, the bacteria will feed on what's been adding up on the surface and the acne or clogging can start a chain reaction.

Our cleansing oils are meant to work with warm water and a gently applied washcloth to remove not only the cleanser, but also the dead cells and ick that has accumulated. The pH level of your skin after this cleanse remains balanced and healthy. Use a circular motion with just a small amount of product. Voila!

Qēt Botanicals healthy cleanser

Three Ways to Cleanse 

There is something for everyone.

Time is not always on our side, and if a quick cleanse is needed, we have a quick solution for you. What is the best way to do a daily cleanse? How about a deeper cleanse once in a while? Here are three scenarios and three ways to get the job done:

1. Post Workout, or a Quick, Late Afternoon Cleanse - 

Mist a cotton pad with your toning water and sweep across your face until you feel freshened and your face feels happy. No need to rinse, the toning water provides a light layer of antioxidants and will keep your complexion properly balanced. It's not a complete cleanse, but it's there to offer a quick refresher when needed.

Keep in mind, over cleansing is a bad thing - washing your face more than two times a day will destroy the protective lipids on the surface. However, if you've made great strides in the garden or on the yoga mat, then whisk away the sweat and feel good about what you've done.

2. Your Every Day Cleansing Routine - 

With just a small amount of your cleansing oil, practice a facial massage using circular motions to mimic the way the blood flows under the surface of the complexion, and enjoy this part. Makeup, grime, dirt - it will be gently dissolved in the cleansing oil. No need to water it down or apply it to a damp face. A tip? Do this when you get home and you're going to shift into 'home' mode - dinner, kids and homework, chilling with a movie. If you're not going out, don't let the day's grit marinade on your skin any longer than it has to.

Always, always, always wash the day away from your face before going to bed. If you have allergies, or have trouble falling asleep, a quick shower before will help with this as well. It's something we do in our household - wash the day away, then slide under the covers. After your body temperature is raised from a warm shower, as it returns, it can gently help you to be lulled into a peaceful night's rest. 

While we sleep, the dead cells on the surface accumulate. All we want to do is wash them away. In the morning, if your skin tends to produce an excess amount of oil, or it tends to break out with acne, then use a bit of your cleansing oil. If your skin is sensitive or on the dry side, then simply wet your skin with lukewarm water, and apply your toning water and day serum, and you're ready to go. 

3. Before Bed, Once or Twice a Week - 

If you've seen anything online about the 'double cleanse' or 'cleansing grains, ' here's where this extra step once or twice a week (or more if you're careful and your skin allows) makes a difference. What's the benefit? After a complete cleanse with your cleansing oil, your skin has had a chance to rest. Now enter the cleansing grains, or in our terms, our botanical exfoliant

You may have seen references to 'double-cleansing' all over the Internet - it's the newest thing in cleansing. What's the benefit? Your skin gets time to rest since the first cleanse, and anything that's been lodged in the pores will be gently escorted away. Be very gentle and let the healing botanicals do the work for you. Certain skin conditions can handle this on a regular basis - start slowly and see how the botanicals work with your complexion.

It's important to turn over those cells that want to dull the complexion and stick to the surface. After a thorough cleanse with your cleansing oil, here comes your exfoliation - or double cleanse, or granular cleansing step, as some call it. Yes, it's true, our exfoliators, especially those containing the clays that we use, can also cleanse the surface. It would be considered a perfect way to double cleanse several times a week - after your cleansing oil. It will help to remove any excess oil that has accumulated in the pores, but not the beneficial lipids that we need, from your pores. The softening oats, ground flowers, tea leaves, and clays will help you turn over a new leaf on the surface of your smiling face.

| References: Dr. Mona Gohara, associate clinical professor of dermatology at the Yale School of Medicine / Dr. Zoe Diana Draelos, dermatologist in High Point, NC / Erica Metzger, Shape Magazine

Qēt Botanicals healthy cleanser

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It's Time to Come Clean

What is on the inside... what is used on the outside... and what we think - it all matters.

We're completely dedicated to always providing clean, healthy and effective ways to care for ourselves. Cleansing is such a simple way to care for ourselves, but it's so important that it be safe, and enjoyable!

Cleansing your skin ~ with the right oils, it can prevent pimples, give you a healthy glow, prepare skin for it's daily feeding, and your face can benefit by a facial massage to increase circulation and movement to the facial muscles. 

Keep up the good work, read your ingredients, and enjoy your few moments of self-care and the ritual of taking care of yourself.

Now... you've come clean.