“Go Green with Qet’s Natural Beauty Shop…”

Qēt Botanicals natural beauty shopQēt Botanicals natural beauty shop
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Thank you Locale Magazine for sharing such a wonderful write-up about our second Skin Studio location in San Clemente, California! 
Here is the link, and the full article is below. 
Qēt Botanicals natural beauty skincare suite
Go Green With San Clemente's Qēt Botanicals Natural Beauty Shop
Head to Qet Botanicals for All Your Natural, Healthy Beauty Needs

Written By: Jessica Ourisman

Orange County's nature-loving residents, with our known penchant for health and wellness, allow green businesses to thrive. Qet Botanicals, located in San Clemente, is one such beauty brand that has developed to meet the changing expectations of the environmentally-minded, modern beauty consumer. "Our friends and neighbors in and around Orange County are living in a beautiful place with fresh air, wonderful views, clean beaches and a great quality of life. It's not too much to ask for fresh, active, and wholesome ingredients in the products we use and love everyday," said Founder Lisa Brill.

Qēt Botanicals natural beauty skincare

Brill was spurred to act by the negative health outcomes associated with the synthetic chemicals, preservatives and toxins rampant in beauty products, toiletries and cosmetics. "I couldn't find products that I loved to use, that were clean and simple enough, and that would work. I wanted to have a genuine way of caring for my skin and self with zero added medications or side effects from ingredients that weren't safe or would play with my hormones," Brill explained. 

Qet Botanicals is a green-beauty pioneer, creating a health-promoting line of botanically-powered beauty and skincare products whose business practices are in alignment with green beauty's values. Her business model mutually benefits consumers, developers and the environment. "Our body listens to what our minds have to say, and my mind was at ease knowing that the ingredients were safe," Brill said.

Qēt Botanicals san clemente

Qet Botanicals prides itself in meeting the market demand for environmentally-responsible, health-promoting products. Their line is made using pure, GMO-free ingredients, all of which were obtained via fair-trade sourcing. They also circumvent problems with oversight and cross-contamination by ensuring that every batch is handmade from scratch, resulting in a line that is proudly 100 percent gluten-free. In the place of synthetic fragrances, toxic preservatives and harsh chemicals, the line achieves its beautifying results using essential oils and other botanically-derived active ingredients. 

Their range of products will nourish your body, skin, hair and overall health-even offering tools for green beauty's favorite rituals, like body brushing. Touching customer testimonials from those whose formerly troubled skin has been stabilized, healed and made luminous thanks to the line's natural health-based principles speak to the products' efficacy.Whether you're in search of a line suited for your sensitive complexion, a lavender-scented dry shampoo or a hydrating body serum to protect against dry skin, Qet Botanicals is OC's very own rising star in the flourishing green beauty market. Formed where beauty and wellness intersect, OC residents can take pride in the way that our business owners and culture are championing the movement towards more ethical beauty. 

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