Fall in Love with Your Skin

Qēt Botanicals skincareQēt Botanicals skincare

Yes, our skin IS our largest organ, and how we treat it is vital for good health on the inside and glowing results on the outside. The daily ritual of taking care of ourselves is one that should feel rewarding and like a celebration of health. Our skin is our protector, our skin is fragile, and our skin deserves to be treated with nothing less than pure, fresh, and loving elements that nature so lovingly shares with us. 

Now, we must apologize. We’ve broken our promise to you. You should know exactly what ingredients are in your products that you're using on your skin every single day. This is something that we are serious about, and you should be, too.

We've promised to disclose each and every ingredient that we blend into our treatments, and we've left one ~ a very important one! ~ out of our ingredient lists. Yes, it's love! Even though it's not listed on our ingredient list, it's delicately mingled into each and every one of our products. From the moment we get our raw materials in, we inspect, smell, and carefully blend the beautifying and sumptuous elements together. Qēt is not just a brand that we put together, it is an answer to a need that had to be filled, and it's become a healthy, nurturing and rewarding ritual to many. Every drop counts in our lab and in our finished products, and we literally count drops of wholesome and performing oils as the finished product is getting ready to package and share with you.

When we’ve finished formulating, filling, and packaging, and we're getting ready to ship our products to a Qēt friend, we feel as if it's our “little one” that we’re sending out into the world. It’s almost as if we pat it on the back and say in a gingerly, loving voice… “Now, you go and do your best; you have the ability to do great things out there.”

Truly. I'm in it with my heart. Since using Qēt, I've seen and felt the changes in my own interior and exterior health, and we've heard numerous stories of others who have been affected in the same way. It's a passion that runs beyond skin deep.

Stay healthy, hydrated, and allow yourself, and your skin, to feel the love that we pour into our products. Now, go and do great things out there.

~ Lisa