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Qēt Botanicals EWG verified skincareQēt Botanicals EWG verified skincare

"Qet Botanicals has taken what it means to be clean, safe, and healthy to the next level. By taking part in the EWG VERIFIED™ program, you can rest assured that our products are free of potentially harmful chemicals widely used in personal care products. We believe in our ingredients, and we believe in honest practices with honest representation. We're excited to help share this exemplary program which allows people to be informed about their choices, feel confident about the products they know and love, and rest assured that the rigorous footwork has been done by the exceptional team at EWG VERIFIED™" ~ Lisa Brill, Qet Botanicals Founder & CEO

When we received notice that our products were aproved for this program, it was music to our ears! (and our eyes - since it was in an email).

Our passion for creating and crafting our proprietary safe products, as well as our discerning process of selecting what raw materials, botanicals, oils, and humectants will make it into our treatments, has been recognized and has begun to bloom. And what a beautiful, healthy, natural flower it is. 

The bar for Safe Beauty has been raised ~

and Qet Botanicals has cleared it.

We've recently learned of this incredible news. To share our excitement, we're offering a special, site-wide savings!

Every single product in our brand that fits into a category for the EWG VERIFIED™ program has been approved. Our exclusive-to-Qet treatments are proudly taking their place in this program for higher standards of safe beauty. 

What exactly does it mean to be EWG Verified™?

Let's talk about the details of 'natural beauty.'

It's no surprise, or it may be a big surprise to you, to learn that the 'honors' system is used for labeling and product disclosure when it comes to products in the personal care industry. The FDA has stepped out of this area and hasn't enforced regulations on using safe ingredients, or avoiding harmful ones, since the 1930s. There are over one thousand ingredients that have been developed and have come to market in our skincare and personal products since then ~ over 85 years ago.  Many of these are found to be harmful and since have been banned in Europe, However less than 20 of these ingredients have been banned in the US over the last 85 years. Yikes.

The very thorough and scrutinizing team at EWG has given us Skin Deep®, a database to help make healthy decisions in not only what we put on our skin, but what is safe to use for the entire family. Now we can get healthy and sustainable direction on healthy and safe food choices as well. Skin Deep® was introduced in 2004 and currently has an updated list of almost 80,000 products in their database which discloses carcinogens, allergens, hormone disruptors, and unsafe ingredients that are best to avoid. You may already know that all of our products have earned the safest ranking on EWG's website in their Skin Deep® database. Yes, we're happily tooting our own horn!

===> The EWG Verified™ team takes it a step further and looks at manufacturing practices, percentages of active ingredients, and proper preservation methods. They deliver information directly to the consumer based on the latest science and health practices. Their goal is to be the gold standard in the health and wellness arena. They believe in empowering people to make smart, healthy choices, and thoroughly educate consumers on exactly what that label on the product they're using means. 

Bearing the Mark

Products approved to use the logo.

Qēt Botanicals EWG verified skincare

At the time of this writing, we currently have 45 products that we have created, developed, and now share with you. Forty-four of these products fit into the given categories that the EWG Verified™ program has established. We're extremely proud to share that all 44 of our products are approved and are a part of this program!

What is the one product that isn't in the program, you ask? It's our beloved Spot Serum. There currently is no 'acne' category however, it is already in the safest ranking of the EWG Skin Deep® database. Take that you unwanted skin mishaps! 

Products bearing the licensing logo from the EWG Verified™ program have met the standards developed by EWG's years of expert research in the field of researching health hazards in food and personal care products. 

EWG is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting the environment and the health of all of us. 

Be Safe and Save

Stock up, try something new, or share a treat with a friend.

This month, we're sharing a special savings on our entire website: facial products, hair products, natural deodorants, body moisturizers, natural perfume oils ~ the whole shebang. With the code QETSAFEBEAUTY, you save 10% on ANYTHING we make and share ~ which is EVERYTHING!  Discount valid online and in our skin studio in July.

Words to Share

"I have been using this product for 3 years. It is Fantastic! I get excited every time new products are introduced. I will never use anything else!!!" ~ Amy Unitan

Thank you, Amy, for sharing your enthusiam and love of our treatments with us! We remember very well meeting you three years ago at the Brava Women's Expo in Madison. Next time you place an order, please mention this email and special offer ... we'll pick-up your shipping costs and share a $5 coupon with you. We love hearing from our Qet friends and customers (who are one-in-the-same, by the way!). Many thanks.

Of Note

In case you missed it on our blog ~

Link to the Video / Blog

Rachael Pontillo, creator of Holistically Haute and author of "Love Your Skin, Love Yourself: Achieving Beauty, Health, and Vitality from the Inside Out and Outside In," and Qet Botanicals founder Lisa Brill, had an informal chat one afternoon. Rachael was gathering information for an upcoming article for Healing Lifestyles & Spas. Here we are a bit down the road, and instead of sharing our words, it was decided to share the video ~ it was fun so we thought... why not? Link to the Video / Blog

Take a closer look and listen. It's a chat about the beginning of Qet, some of our favorite products, and what makes Qet different, as well as the passion that we share for nature's finest phytonutrients. 

"As I walk to the garden, I long to see, what Mother Nature brings for me..." ~ Rebecca Marie Kroll