Beware of Purchasing from Unauthorized Resellers

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We understand the speed and convenience of researching for a particular product, finding it quickly on a site or two, and selecting and paying for a product by price or availability. If you're not purchasing our Qet Botanicals treatments directly from our site, our Skin Studios, or from one of our select retail partners listed on our Where to Buy page, please be careful. 

There is a growing number of unauthorized resellers out there who take gray market products, expired products, or ‘similar’ products and sell them as a new product directly from their site. The product may be expired, old, have unsafe ingredients added to it, or even be counterfeit. These distribution sites are considered to be ‘diverting’ their products, and unfortunately, it is becoming more common.

At times the listed price on these unauthorized reseller sites can be less than what has been established by the brand. Other times it can be artificially inflated. We have found some of our serums and treatments to be price-inflated by almost 500% over the established retail price! It's a crime. 

Qet Botanicals does not encourage or endorse the purchase of any non-partner affiliated reseller sites. Our products are offered for sale only by a select and limited number of authorized partners and affiliates, as can be found on our Where to Buy page. Our select partners must adhere to our stringent terms and conditions. You will notice that we will be shipping our product directly from one of our Skin Studios, or via one of our select retail partners listed on our Where to Buy page.

We provide regular consultation to our consumers and partners. This ensures that the consumer will gain the most benefit from our products, and that they will receive them in a fresh and authentic state. This also ensures that the consumer is receiving the proper skincare advice according to their needs in order to sustain a healthy skincare program.

Qet Botanicals will not guarantee the quality, authenticity or expiration period of any such diverted products. Sellers on unauthorized reseller sites are illegally using Qet Botanicals images, copyrighted trademarks, wording and copy, and logos. Such diverted products may be expired, counterfeit, diluted, or filled with unknown ingredients and may not be safe to use. We stand by our products when purchasing them directly from our website or from our authorized select retail partners. We have trademarked our brand and our products, but this does not always protect the consumer from a tainted purchase. 

Because we would have no way of knowing what has been done to our products being sold by a unauthorized reseller, purchasing diverted products voids any warranties that may apply. If a problem occurs, Qet Botanicals is not responsible for any damage or concern, and the consumer is responsible to contact the reseller directly.

Below is a list of identified unauthorized resellers. Be advised that this list continues to change and grow. There are potentially many more than have not yet been identified. There are some big names that you may recognize, as well as those that seem to be completely authentic but have been identified as being an unauthorized reseller.



• 123Skincare

• A Value Online

• AddictionToStyle

• ASAP Beauty

• Authentic SkinCare

• AZPerfume

• BatheAndBeauty

• Beautogen

• Beauty In Style

• BeautyLand

• BeautyShopLA

• Book Pot

• BuyDBest Inc.


• CosmeticMall

• Cosmetics Online LLC


• D.B.D.B.

• Daily Beauty Store

• Diverse Retail






• Fragrances & Cosmetics Co

• Fresh & Best Skincare

• Get WholeSale Price


• ImeldaMarcus

• Jewlzie




• MaplePrime

• MDSkinCare

• Melbournekber

• modlowarvai

• My kiwi

• New york valley

• NewWebMart


• NuLookSkincare

• Oasis1270

• OnLine Beauty


• Perfume Emporium


• Plenty Cosas


• Purchase Pals


• Rainbowppl

• regalbeauty_skincare

• Risque Chalet

• SeasonsBeauty

• Sendai Book Store

• Signature Beauty


• Sorriso Beauty


• the beauty bank

• The Beauty Club

• YourPerfectSkin

• YouthfulSkin

• ZappySales


We pour much care and passion into our treatments. We share this with you to help you become aware when purchasing not only our Qet Botanicals products, but other products from brands that you may be considering.