Balancing Day Serum and Glowing Skin

Qēt Botanicals balancing day serumQēt Botanicals balancing day serum


Natural beauty isn't just for those looking to clean up their routine. It's for everyone.

We're fortunate to have learned about Kimberly and her Lifestyle and Natural Beauty Blog. Having combination and oily skin, Kimberly mentions that her skin responded favorably to our Balancing Day Serum from day one. Fabulous... that's exactly why it's formulated the way it is.

She also mentions its very favorable price. Yes, we've priced it so the bank doesn't need to be broken for you to benefit from our premium, quality ingredients. And... using the recommended 3-5 drops to get your day started, your purchase will last you a few months (unless, of course, you use it on your neck, chest, and hands - we do!). These areas deserve pampering, too. 

Qēt Botanicals balancing day serum

"Feather-like, fast absorbing... easily smooths over the skin and leaves it with that oh-so-coveted glow," we're thrilled to receive Kimberly's natural nod for our day serum.

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