A Special Self-Care Sale Unlike We've Ever Had Before... for these Special Times 


~ For our Qēt Community ~ 

We’re wishing you well and are hoping that you’re staying safe and healthy.

Self-care isn't taught in school. It's something that as a child, we received from a parent or caregiver. As we get older, we often can't rely on others for nurturing. This is why it's so important to learn to nurture ourselves. This is a special self-care moment that is so necessary right now. 

You and our Qēt team that helps us blossom and grow are some of the best friends and customers that we could ask for. We’re extremely grateful!

We know that this is a unique and difficult time for many. We feel it, too. 

Effective now for the rest of the month, we’re offering a SPECIAL SALE unlike we’ve ever had before.

We want you to stay safe, stay home, and still have 100% access to our fresh, botanical treatments.



Self-Care is the Best Care


Use code SELFCARE for free U.S. shipping and
a 10% site-wide savings for you.
In return, an additional 10% of the proceeds during this sale will go directly back to our Qēt team.


It takes a village to raise a child, and it takes a wonderful team to do what we do. 

We have that wonderful team. We will still take care of them… while we still take care of you.

A side note about shipping: Prior to and after this special, all domestic orders over $100 qualify for free shipping. Our shipping department is not a profit center for us. Rather than increase our prices, from day one we chose to offer friendly and fair pricing; we do not buffer our prices to include shipping. This is a special promotion we want to share in this trying time. Every little bit matters. 💗

The Difference. The Experience.

Each of our Qēt Botanicals products is filled with only cruelty-free, nurturing, safe, and authentic loving ingredients. Formulated for not only the most sensitive of skin, but also skin with acne, oily skin, combination, Rosacea, eczema, dry skin, and already good skin wanting to age-defy time while avoiding toxins and synthetics. The freshness and the ingredients make the difference. Our kits are the best way to start small, and we offer a 30-day-gotta-love-your-Qet return or exchange policy. 

We formulate and share care products and skin care solutions for sensitive skin to those like-minded health enthusiasts that want to avoid anything toxic, synthetic, or harmful ~ like you! Hair finishing treatments, facial masks, lip care, aromatherapy, body oils, natural deodorants, serums... and more... all cruelty-free and clean.  

Spa-quality treatments at your (clean) fingertips. 👍😊

"Safer at Home"

Our treatments and our philosophy have always been to be a part of the solution ~ not part of the problem. 

To help solve the spread of the coronavirus and to comply with the “Safer at Home” policy that the Governor of California is enforcing, our California Skin Studio will be temporarily closed until further notice. For information, please call us or leave a message at our Skin Studio at 949-218-1758, email us at Hello@QetBotanicals.com, or message us via Instagram or Facebook.

To help stop the spread of the coronavirus in the community near our Wisconsin Skin Studio, this Skin Studio will have modified hours and will work on a day-by-day basis after March 21st. Feel free to call 608-798-1738 to arrange for a pick-up or see what the day's hours bring. You can order online with free shipping, even if you're across town and don't want to leave your home. You can also email us at Hello@QetBotanicals.com, or message us via Instagram or Facebook. 

We love our personal interaction with our in-person and online customers. Every day we receive orders that we fulfill and ship. You can still watch for our hand-written notes and a free sample with every purchase. ✍️

Our shipping to your doorstep will happily continue as usual. 

We look forward to continually providing you with our personal customer service and fresh treatments.

While doing so, we want to make sure our terrific teams in our California and Wisconsin Skin Studios are cared for, too. 

Safe products. People helping people. 


Like you, we’re taking it day-by-day.

Let's keep fighting the good fight. We're all in this together. 💪

Thank you for your continued support. You can always reach out to us by phone in Cross Plains at 608-798-1738, San Clemente at 949-218-1758, email us at Hello@QetBotanicals.com, or message us on Instagram or Facebook. We're still here! 

Keep doing those things that make you happy. 
Start and finish the day with something you love to do.
Make time to reset and connect with yourself,
your friends, and your family ~
these are the real moments that count.


Self-Nurture. Self-Comfort. Self-Care.


With Social Distancing Hugs... for now,

~ Lisa 

~  fresh  ~  authentic  ~  sumptuous  ~
~  non-toxic, organic ingredients, proven, and high-performing ~
~  effective, award-winning botanical treatments made without compromises ~