A New Year, and a Fresh, Clean Start

Qēt Botanicals New Year fresh beautyQēt Botanicals New Year fresh beauty


Let's start at the beginning. 

For us, the beginning is all about the cleanse.

"The cleanse" ... the cleanse of a cupboard or drawer, the cleanse of that bin in the refrigerator, the cleanse of clutter in the mind. All are cleansing, thorough, and healthy. But what about an oil to cleanse my skin with? Really? Doesn't sound very clean, does it. On the contrary, sweat, grime, impurities, makeup, sunscreen, clogged pores ~ all of these things can be swept away when the right blend of oils are married together to make your face happy and clean. Leaving no residue behind, but getting into the pores and cleaning them without stripping... it's our cleansing oil's claim to fame. 

Way back when...

It's nothing new.

Cleansing with oils is not a new practice. It's proven, it's complete, and it's been around for hundreds of years - because it works. You could say that cleansing with soap, foaming cleansers, and other cleansing methods that leave your skin 'squeaky-clean' with that tight feeling are new, and often are upsetting to many complexions.

Back in the day when the athletes were facing each other in 'The Games' in the Roman Coliseums, and when the Queen's secret cleaning and exfoliating methods were derived from the best in nature that they could find around them, it was common practice to not only moisturize all kinds of skin with oils, but cleansing with oils was the best way to get rid of the dirt, grime, and goop that added up when slinging mud balls or dodging the lunging tiger were all the rage. 

Athletes and queens alike were lubed up with oils, then either scraped clean with a dull metal object, or a soft cloth. We'd rather not even think about using a blade on our skin to remove the oils, but yes, we're all about using a warm, wet washcloth. Organic, if possible. Thankfully, we've come a long way from blades and animal play, but then again, going back to the clean ways of taking care of ourselves is a method that was practiced and loved years ago, and even today. The cleansing oil method continues to be a smash hit out there for dermatologists, health professionals, bloggers, and everyday face washers. Happily, it's the only type of facial cleanser we make, and we even won a national beauty award for it. 

Qēt Botanicals hydrating cleansing oil with lavender

(yes, cleansing with our cleansing oils can feel as fresh as swimming in the Caribbean waters)

It's a clean routine. 

Always a thorough cleanse at night, but not always necessary in the morning.

Drier complexions, and those that don't produce an excess amount of oil or have active breakouts find it nice to cleanse at night, but in the morning they're happy to skip this step. After showering or splashing water on the face to get going, a cotton ball sweep misted with the Toning Water to remove anything residual and properly balance the skin's pH feels and is great. Following-up with the right Day Serum is all that is needed to moisturize and get the skin read for the day. Sunscreen or your clean makeup follows your Day Serum. A complexion that fights with occasional breakouts or produces an excess amount of oil will still benefit from our cleansing oil morning and night.

We love new beginnings, and the New Year is the mother of them all. It can also be the best time to take charge of your own needs and set your goals, aspirations, and find your best routine to get the job done. 

Our routine? It's takes just two minutes. It's the self-care routine. Busy kids, crazy work schedules, company's coming... and what do each of us have every single day? A beginning and an end. What we do before getting a good night's rest, and how we start each day is completely up to us.

If you think you don't have time to nurture yours truly (you!), then think again. Take a look at this clean Qet routine, that was shared by Sami Sattva via Healing Lifestyles & Spas. Sami is a researcher, healing influencer of Ayurvedic medicine, and is involved in aromatherapy, health sciences, sports, and hails from Portland, Oregon. She shares what she knows, and what she loves.

Speaking of armpits and clean (ok, maybe we weren't speaking it, but we were thinking it!) if you haven't found your clean, natural deodorant, well then, you'll want to see THIS segment on NBC 15 on how to prevent body odor. Dr. Apple Bodemer, Dermatologist / Integrative Medicine with the University of Wisconsin Health, shared her love of our natural dry deodorant putty on a recent NBC 15 interview. We're recently blended it with organic shea butter and have made it more user friendly. Yes, it's wonderful for sensitive underarms, yes, it's different and is in a putty form, and yes, for thousands of underarms and toes, it works.

Poo-poo on this word ~

because it IS a four letter word. 

Even though this may be a word that you'll be hearing more of these days, it's a word we choose to frown upon. D-i-e-t. There is no 'diet' when it comes to becoming healthy, and this pertains to both the food and the products that we use. Here's why...

The definition of a diet is this, "a special course of food to which one restricts oneself, either to lose weight or for medical reasons." Instead of thinking about restricting one's self, how about allowing one's self to splurge on the healthy ingredients that don't have a long ingredient list, treating yourself to enough sleep, and being mindful of what goes in and on our earthly bodies? Doesn't this sound much better?

When our children were young, a smart and savvy relative told us that we should never tell our kids, "Don't do this" or "Don't do that." Instead, she told us to tell (or ask) our children what they should do. Then, all they have to do is listen instead of turning the words around in their heads to figure out what it is we'd like them to do. "Don't fall into that puddle," ... instead,  "Make sure you clear that puddle." It's easier for our brains and minds to follow positive direction than negative ones. Every day we should remind ourselves what we 'should' be doing, not what we can't do or shouldn't have. It applies to food, activity, and our relations ~ everything! 

We LOVE new beginnings,

... not only the beginning of the New Year, but the beginning of every day, and the start of each evening.

Now we're sharing a new start with you. At the beginning of every beautiful, nourishing, skin-pampering routine... is a clean, fresh start.

In January, SAVE 10% on our award-winning Balancing Cleansing Oil with Thyme, our Hydrating Cleansing Oil with Lavender, and our Restoring Cleansing Oil with Rose. We'll also include our lovely Eye Makeup Remover(say 'no!' to raccoon eyes!) in this savings. Use the code QETCLEANSTART to get your savings. Code valid while shopping in our e-boutique or in our Skin Studio during the month of January. 

Qēt Botanicals wellexpo for women

Calling all Madisonians and those in the area...

the Well Expo is upon us!

We're happy to announce that we'll be setting up a pop-up shop at this year's Well Expoat the beautiful Monona Terrace on the lake.

Mark your calendars for January 20th and 21st. There is free admission with two nonperishable food items. There will be a Qet Botanicals presentation on how to treat both acne and wrinkles with oils, why Qet is different than using 'just' an oil, why we formulate our nationally award-winning products using only botanical oils, and how to find and enjoy the right Skin Suite for your complexion.

At the Well Expo, this year, Spa Day will be all day on Friday and Saturday. Saturday's highlights will include fitness classes, wellness and health classrooms, and much more. Hope to see you there!

Parting Words

Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.

~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Qēt Botanicals

Shine brightly, breathe deeply, and carry on with confidence, a smile, and a warm heart.

Cheers to you in this New Year.

~ Lisa