10 Reasons to Love our Serums & Oils

10 reasons why we love oils and serums on our skin.
Plus... their beautifying benefits.


We're just like you.

 We have skin, too.


Sometimes it's good, sometimes it's sensitive, and sometimes we don't want to look too closely in the mirror. Other times our skin is happy and behaving.

 In case you're tuning in and don't know the story behind Qēt, the reason the brand was founded and shared in 2013 (click here for a look) was not because of good skin. 


Qēt Botanicals was founded because of the need for safe self care products that don't compromise our hormones or our health.


We all deserve to have access to treatments that are affordable, authentic and performing. 


The more natural the products the better, as long as they work... right?  


So here we are, it's been more than 10 years since we started sharing with you.

We're still an independent brand, still woman owned, and we're still using the highest quality proven plant actives, oils, raw materials, enzymes, and authentic ingredients we can get our hands on. 

🔸 We haven't changed our minds.

🔸 We haven't changed our direction.

🔸 We're still in love with oils.


But... remember this:

Our skin loves oil, but not all oils love our skin.

Finding the right oils, in the right percentages, with the proper pairings of botanicals and other natural ingredients makes the difference.

Our treatments come alive and share their potent and pure antioxidants, vitamins, and nutritious offerings that synthetics try so hard to mimic. Synthetics, however,  just can't quite get the same results. 

This brings us to this list of why we love our oils and serums, and the top 10 reason to use our oils. 



Here we go!


The Top 10 Reasons to use Qēt Botanicals' Plant-Based Facial Serums and Oils

✅  Oil cleansers cleanse effectively and thoroughly. Oil removes excess oil, makeup, and pollutants. They balance the natural oil production without stripping it or upsetting our skin's microbiome.

✅  Serums penetrate deeper into the layers of skin than creams or lotions.

✅  Serums have the ability to replenish our essential fatty acids, or EFAs.

✅  They can help to heal, repair, and create a breathable, protective barrier on the skin's surface.

✅  The right serum can make the skin plump and dewy (not greasy), and protect it from TEWL, or transepidural water loss.

✅  Yes, even a serum can balance oily skin and control excess oil production.

✅  They act as a primer and help seal in moisture with or without makeup. 

✅  They can help to repair pollution, light, and sun damage via EFAs (essential fatty acids), vitamins, and antioxidants.

✅  The right serums and oils can fight those nasty free radicals to prevent them from damaging and prematurely aging our skin.

 ✅  Healthy skin already contains oil, and the right blend of the right oils can be its best friend. 



~ Kind Words from Qēt Friends ~

"I am LOVING my new Qēt skincare products! It's the first time in more than 10 years that my face has felt this good, and I can't believe the difference in my skin in less than 2 weeks! I can't describe what it feels like to finally find a product that not only calms my skin but starts to heal it. As a woman in my mid fifties, it has been very difficult to not be able to use many skin care products for all these years and to see my skin deteriorate and age quicker than it should. Now, as your Restoring line is so aptly described, I feel my skin can be restored once again. So that you for creating such beautiful products!"  
- Brenda 

👉   If breakouts or minor skin upset is your concern, below is a video on what we love to calm and treat upset skin.

If you already join us on Instagram, you may have seen this video on some of our favorite treatments to address acne and those unexpected breakouts.

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So yes, we're real people doing what we love... and we have skin, too. We also want treatments that we enjoy using and that work, no matter what our skin is doing at the moment.  

There are really many, many more reasons why we love our oils and serums. 

Literally each of our facial treatments contain hundreds, if not thousands, of constituents that make that particular product unique, individual, and alive.  

Our brand isn't typical, our treatments aren't mass produced or stale, and we embrace this.

Keeping the ingredients fresh, the batches small, and pouring an endless amount of care that flows into each of our treatments makes our treatments different, and very worthwhile. 

 Not only will the treatments sing when you use them, you might find yourself humming a happy note or belting out a tune as well. We say go for it! 🎶 😙





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