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Organic 100% Cotton USA Made T-Shirt In Rosé


Eco-friendly, organic cotton, phthalate and PVC-free ink, and made in the USA.

Eco-friendly, organic cotton, phalate and PVC-free ink, and made in the USA.

Organic is cleaner not only in skincare, but in the clothes we wear. Textile factories, those that make furniture, carpets, and yes, even t-shirts, are second only to agriculture in the amount of pollution they create and the massive amounts of water that is used to make them.

Every little bit matters ~ this goes for what we put on our skin, and what we choose to wear.

Our 100% cotton and made in the USA t-shirts are organic and are printed with phalate and PVC free water based ink. Safer for the wearer, safer for the printer, and safer for the environment.

Unisex, comfortable, and oh-so-soft to wear.

Each color has a mindful statement:

Salt ~ fresh. Because we make fresh treatments daily and do not buy premixed products or warehouse them.

Rosé ~ natural. Because natural is beautiful, handsome, and authentic.

Slate ~ cruelty free. Because we do not test on animals or use any animal products or by-products.

Close-up of the logo and lavender sprig shown on the Slate t-shirt.

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