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Mindful Wrap Bracelet: Beautiful, Natural, Confident


Mindful custom leather bracelet wraps with three words that mean so much to us.

Meet our mindful, custom leather bracelet wraps with these three words that mean so much to us.

Give someone praise, and you've boosted their confidence.

But, when there are skin struggles, health mishaps, or a general feeling of not being our best, then it can be hard to raise the confidence meter. This is where our daily visual reminder comes in.

Beautiful ~ Natural ~ Confident. There on the wall in our San Clemente Skin Studio... we see these words every day, and so do our friends when they come in to discover our botanical beauty treatments.

Why these three words? Because sometimes we need reminders that it doesn’t matter what our skin, hair, or body is going through. It’s our mind that gives us a boost! Rather than just keeping it on the wall, sometimes wrapping it around our wrist is like a nice reminder and a hug from a friend.

Beautiful ~ to be beautiful is simply to feel beautiful.

Natural ~ there is nothing more authentic and real as something, or someone, that is natural.

Confident ~ being confident looks, and IS, attractive and healthy on everyone.

These are custom leather mindful bracelet wraps that include these three powerful words on them. Available online and in our Skin Studios.

Available in Soft Vanilla, Neutral Grey, and Black.


Leather ~ up to 6.5" in length with links to make it shorter. Jade stone fob at the end of the link varies. Comes in a linen pouch.

Q. What's the sexiest thing a person can wear?

A. Confidence.

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