Sensitive skin? Dull skin? Meet your match.

Dull skin? Rough skin? Clogged pores? Oily skin? Dry skin? Acne prone? Fine lines?

Or your skin is just too darn sensitive to even exfoliate. 

It's time to meet your match. 


The right exfoliant can help improve a variety of skin conditions and concerns. Really? Really.

Our family of exfoliants offers something for various complexions. 

Have 30 seconds? That's all it takes, and adding this step to your routine on a regular basis can improve the texture, tone, and help improve the overall health of your skin. 

👇 Read on to see which exfoliant is your match.👇 


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Below: Restoring Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & RosesBalancing Clay Exfoliant with Tea & ThymeRestoring Clay Exfoliant with Tea & RosesHydrating Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & LavenderBalancing Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & ThymeHydrating Clay Exfoliant with Tea & Lavender


 It's a fresh start. We're springing ahead into a beautiful routine. 🌱

Spring is just days away and there's a shift in the air. Keeping a regular skin care routine that includes this step has been proven to be one of the most important steps in achieving our healthiest skin... when done correctly. 

This month it's all about shedding dead skin cells, reducing fine lines and damage, clearing and brightening the complexion, and detoxifying and improving the tone of our skin.


It's one quick and important step in your regular care routine.

E  X  F  O  L  I  A  T  I  O  N


Our skin can change as fast as the weather changes, which is why we formulate six different exfoliants. We can easily personalize our Qēt care products based on the skin condition and the seasons. 

The right exfoliant will shed what no longer serves us (dead skin cells!) and will allow our serums and treatments to penetrate and work their botanical magic.


 "The ONLY exfoliant I use and recommend!!!!"

Dr. Apple Bodemer

Integrative Medicine Dermatologist

Department of Dermatology

University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health


Yes, this is a direct quote... and yes, Dr. Bodemer used four exclamation points.

Having safe and effective treatments is healthy for everyone, and having the backing of dermatologists and those in the skin and health professions means much to us.

Below: Hydrating Clay Exfoliant with Tea & Lavender

"I'm too sensitive to exfoliate." It's the most common statement we hear.

For many, exfoliation isn't a part of a regular skin routine. Many typical exfoliants are too harsh, too many sharp edges, too stripping, and don't give us the good results we want. Using the right exfoliant regularly is one of the most important steps to give us visible (and touchable!) results.

BUT... it has to be done correctly.

Our botanical exfoliants offer natural chemical and physical benefits. A combination of a natural plant-based chemical exfoliation, combined with physical exfoliation coming from plants, enzymes and minerals is both multi-functional and beneficial to various skin conditions. 

It's a fast, enjoyable step, it feels and and smells great, and it reveals it feels so many visible and below-the-surface benefits for our skin. 

Choosing the right exfoliant for your current skin's condition is key. We don't really have a 'skin type' as much as we have a 'skin condition.'  We may feel that our skin is oily in some parts of the year, and dry in others. Matching your skin's condition reaps benefits, and the rewards are visible. 

In each exfoliant we include proven skin soothers and softeners to not only help shed the dead skin cells, but soften without harming the surface.

Our exfoliants include these skin-loving ingredients:

🌱Organic Gluten Free Oats to Soften and offer Prebiotics to Help Protect the Skin's Natural Moisture Barrier

🌱 Organic Natural Glycolic Acid and Enzymes from Organic Plants, NOT Synthetics

🌱 Organic Blended Botanicals offering Various Vitamins and Elements to Feed Skin

🌱Organic Matcha Tea for its Antioxidants to help Fight Premature Aging


Plus one of the following in each Skin Suite exfoliant:

🌱 Organic Thyme

🌱 Organic Lavender

or 🌱Organic Roses

for the specific and proven skin benefits they deliver to the skin.

It's not just about one healthy ingredient, it's about the fresh blending of the entire list of ingredients. 

Below: Restoring Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & Roses


In a nutshell (and no, we don't include nut shells in our exfoliants!), here is how you can select your exfoliant.

First, based on your current skin condition, choose from the BalancingHydrating, or Restoring Skin Suites. Then, decide if your complexion has congestion and would benefit from the pure clay's action of pulling impurities from the pores, or if a gentle exfoliation at the surface is necessary.

Here is a dive into our exfoliation family:

👉 Balancing Clay or Herbal Exfoliant ~ For oily, acne prone, and an over active complexion in general. If breakouts are persistent, choosing the clay option, which includes rhassoul, or red lava clay, is best to help escort impurities and debris from the pores. The herbal exfoliant's minerals offer more of a surface exfoliation. Thyme is in both balancing formulas, which is a known healer for acne and a natural form of benzoyl peroxide to help kill bacteria and fight inflammation. 

👉 Hydrating Clay or Herbal Exfoliant ~ For skin that is comfortable, combination, and has occasional breakouts. The Hydrating Skin Suite is our most popular and where many start if they're uncertain. Many of us are combination. Skin with congestion can reach for the clay option which is active and can help to clean out clogged pores. Lavender in both formulas soothes and offers natural antibacterial benefits. Skin needing more of a surface exfoliant will be happy with the herbal exfoliant's minerals which help soften on the surface and dissolve those dead cells gently without the need to scrub hard causing harm. 

👉Restoring Clay or Herbal Exfoliant ~ For a complexion that has little or no natural oil production and is dry or dehydrated without a tendency to break out. The Restoring Skin Suite offers the gentlest type of exfoliation. It's gentle enough to get the job done while still being effective at dissolving dead cells and improving the texture of skin. The clay exfoliant will help with congestion and keep the pores clean, keeping their appearance small. Yes, a clean pore is a smaller pore. The herbal exfoliant blends petals with minerals to soften and remove hanging-on dead skin cells. The roses that are included are beneficial for dry or dehydrated skin.

Our exfoliants are suitable for sensitive skin. The clay exfoliants can be left on the skin to dry like a traditional clay mask. The herbal exfoliants can also be left on, may tingle a bit from the minerals, and then they rinse cleanly away. Thirty seconds or three minutes... it's your option. 

👉👉👉No harsh scrubbing is necessary. Once activated with water, the dry ingredients will wake up and go to work for you. They rinse cleanly away, and then you're ready to tone and add your day or night serum. Always, always tone and add your serums after exfoliating. 

Below: Hydrating Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & Lavender


You may have heard the buzz about second cleansing, or even cleansing grains.

Our cleansing oils are a wonderful at removing makeup, sweat, and the impurities that clog pores. They cleanse completely, thoroughly, and gently. A clean pore is a smaller pore. 

As a second step, the exfoliants can be used as a type of 'second cleanse' after removing your cleansing oil. Skin is already cleansed, and the exfoliation removes any dead cells left behind. We love it! 

🌱 🌱 🌱 

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Balancing Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & Thyme

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Hydrating Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & Lavender

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Restoring Herbal Exfoliant with Tea & Rose

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Out with the old ...dead skin cells, bad habits, last season regrets, making no time for yourself.

In with the new... new skin cells, healthy habits, being present in the upcoming new season, taking two minutes morning and night ~ just... for... you. 🤗

Let's embrace the change in seasons and the advancing clock ~ healthy skin looks great at any age. 

With each new season comes more confidence, wisdom, and even better results from a regular, loving routine.

Good for you for using natural, healthy methods that work with the skin and body rather than against it. Every drop matters, and we love to make every drop count. 

Think Spring! 🌿

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