~ It's our Seven Year Brandiversary ~ Join Us in Celebrating It! 

Qet Botanicals Seven Year Brandiversary Self-Care Sale

A flower blooms with water, sunshine, healthy roots, and love.  

The season that we're in is a season of change. Change is happening all around us, and it's also a season of growth. In so many ways, we're no different than flowers. 🌷

There is so much togetherness going on in and around our communities, and in our world, that sometimes it's in the hardest times that a single seed is planted that eventually flowers like it never has before. 

We have a new normal for the time being. A routine feels good, and when we can stick to some kind of a routine and take notice of something positive, it's like a ray of sunshine. 🌞

Today we're sharing a little bit of sunshine with you. 

Qēt Botanicals' is celebrating seven years of blooming ~ and we have you to thank for it. While we're thanking you, YOU should be thanking yourself! 

Why? Because this is a time to focus on helping others, to reach out, and share something to smile about.

It’s also a time to continue to take care of ourselves.

It’s our own rejuvenation that gives us the strength and stamina

to care for others and continue on.

Yes, it's our own rejuvenation that keeps us fit to be able to care for others, lend a helping hand, and offer peace and a smile to someone who needs it. 

We're marching on, and we thank you. In turn, you should thank YOU. Turn this thank you onto yourself! It's because you care about what you eat. You care about how you feel. You care about ingredients.

And so do we. 

Qet Botanicals Celebration of Seven Years of Green Beauty

It's a Special Sale for this Season ~ It's People Helping People 

WE know it. If you don't, you should. We have the best customers. You are appreciated!

And behind the scenes, we have the best Qēt team. You open your care packages, read your hand-written note, ✍️get a little sample with your purchase, and then you get to discover and experience our handmade treatments that were freshly batched just a short time before they reach you. 

During this crazy season that we're in, we wanted to offer you extra savings. We're an indie brand, and we love that we can share our treatments directly to you. This helps keeps our prices down, our products fresher, and you happier! 😊

Every month we're happy to share a 10% savings on select treatments. This month it's a 15% off site-wide sale... all month long.  Any U.S. shipping charges are picked up by us, and a free sample with each purchase is something extra for you. 

While we share with you, we're also sharing something extra for our team. ➡️ For every purchase that you make during this special, an extra 10% of the proceeds from this special will go directly back to our Qēt team. 

We want to make sure that when this season passes, our Skin Studios continue to remain open, our online stores continue to flourish, and our Qēt family remains together. 

Together. People helping people.

Qet Botanicals Clean Beauty Testimonial

Something to Celebrate!

It was on April 1st, 2013, that we launched with over 40 products. 

It was also my 46th birthday. Yes, I'm an April Fool's baby... no fooling!

I was turning 46 on that day, and I knew in my heart that what I had been working on behind closed doors for several years should be shared. What a better gift to give to my friends than care products filled with only safe, cruelty-free and performing plant seeds, oils, petals, waters, actives, enzymes... and more!  💝

Looking back, this was something that was bubbling within me for decades. After spending countless hours and years behind closed doors doing research, formulating, re-doing, revamping, swearing, (yes... sometimes that happens! ) and developing, it was finally time to launch. 

It wasn't something that I stumbled into... I was something that had to be done. My Rosacea, my auto immune, my thyroid, my hair loss, my skin rashes, bumps, and inflammation... I was desperate. I needed cleaner, healthier, better ways to care for myself. 

Remembering the moments when I saw my skin start to clear, my hair filling in, my eyes looking clearer, the red bumps subsiding, my thyroid getting back to normal, the inflammation disappearing... these were some of my victories in removing every synthetic out of the bathroom.

I remember telling my husband that even if it I didn't share what I was creating with other guys and gals looking to clean-up their routines, I wouldn't be able to go back to commercial products. No more stale products with those long ingredient lists filled with 'natural' and 'safe' ingredients ~ that really weren't.   

My selfies ~ On the Left: A flare-up. My skin became worse after I took this photo ~ I had to put the camera away. On the Right: Calmed skin, no synthetics on the fork or in my care products, and very manageable skin. 

Qet Botanicals Before and After Acne, Rosacea, Sensitive Skin on Founder Lisa Brill

So, Here we Are!  

Thousands of formulations, shares, and kind words from you later, I'm celebrating being 53 ... weeee! , and Qēt is celebrating 7. 🎂Thank you!

We still have our core of treatments that we started with. Ingredients continue to get better, resources continue to shine, and our focus remains steady on formulating only clean treatments. Period.

We're honored to still share our now 50+ products... moisturizers, hair finishing products, natural deodorants, perfume oils... and those care products that can elevate the health of our skin to the next level.

Natural, 100% cruelty-free, void of synthetics or toxins, and handmade with love. Lots and lots of it. 💗

Makeup is an Option ~ Skincare is Not

"When are you going to make makeup?" It's a question we get often. 

The answer? We have no plans to go down that path right now. 

We love what we do, and we've heard from so many of you that you love what we do, too! We also want to make sure we can continue to formulate, fulfill, ship, and share our love of clean beauty with you.  

Cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and protecting our skin ~ these are the basic, everyday functions that we need to do to care for this large organ that wraps itself around us. 

Adding a little makeup on top of a clean base of a day serum is something that many of us enjoy and love to do, but it's not for everyone. 

We're all about healing and revealing healthy skin,

rather than having to cover it up. 

So, when you wake up and look in the mirror... go on vacation... or like so many right now... are confined to your own personal space... you can let your skin breathe. We shouldn't have to feel like we absolutely, positively, necessarily have to cover it up with makeup. Right?! Right. 😊

Pollution and impurities can wreak havoc and add age to our skin. We definitely don't want to take nasties to bed with us. Always remember to wash away the day before bed. 

A little makeup on a healthy complexion... a little frosting on a delicious cake... both can be pretty, but they're not 100% necessary. It's what's under that makeup or frosting that makes the difference. 

And speaking of cake! ....... 😋

Qet Botanicals Brandiversary Celebration

Let's Party! It's Your April Special ~

New to Qēt? We have trial sizes and starer kits for many of our face, body, and hair treatments. Our Suites / Kits section of our site is filled with trial sized goodies. 

Want to try something new? You can 'kit' it or jump in knowing that your treatment is fresh and a little goes a long way. 

Rather than use gobs of any of our treatments, we use just a few drops of a serum to moisturize, mixed with a mist or two of botanical water to hydrate, and voilà ... you have your custom blend ready to suit your complexion's needs. 

The same goes for all of our treatments. Many of you tell us how surprised you are at how little Qēt you need to get the job done.

Use less and love more ~ that's the way we like it. 

Use code SHAREJOY to save 15% Site-Wide through April

Free U.S. Shipping

Free Gift with Purchase


In return, an additional 10% of the proceeds during this sale

will go directly back to our Qēt team. 

Our Skin Studios will remain closed until further notice. Our shipping to your doorstep will happily continue as usual.  

While doing so, we want to make sure our terrific teams in our California and Wisconsin Skin Studios are cared for, too. 

Something to Smile About

Laughing out loud, singing out loud, it's happening out there, and it's healing us when we see it and when we do it! 

In last month's blog we shared the benefits of laughter and how it actually improves our health and even our skin. 

It's time for a laugh. If you've ever watched The Office, you've probably chuckled. John Krasinski has just launched his YouTube Special called "Some Good News" or SGN for short. 

Fun, happy, quick, and Steve Carell has even made an appearance on this "Some Good News" show. 😄

Love to sing? Tune into the The Sofa Singer Choir.  🎶 No talent required! Sing along with a whole group ~ they can't hear you but you can see them, so you can belt out a good one. 

There are new challenges every day, and these are fun ways to help us stay happy and connected. Not physically connected, but socially connected. 

Qet Botanicals shares John Krasinski's "Some Good News"

It's a Kick in the Planet 🌎 

With all of the quarantining, cleaning-up, and less driving, our planet is definitely getting a much needed scrub-down. 

Pollution levels are decreasing, less waste is happening, people are sharing creative ways to make each other laugh, and families are being brought together at the dinner table. 

Many of these things wouldn't happen if it weren't for the current circumstances. Mother Nature is giving us a swift kick in the arse! 😮

There is a beginning, a middle, and an end to this. We may even come out stronger and blooming more beautifully than we even know. 🌸

Qet Botanicals "We're All Healing" image

Take it Easy

  • It's a time to slow down and think about what we use and what we need. 

  • It's time to keep our routines and also keep room for flexibility.

  • It's time to stay focused but also to take a break. Do or watch something that makes us laugh or sing... out loud!

  • It's a time to make a fun meal that's new and nourishing. 

  • It's time to enjoy some soul searching and dream making. 

  • It's might be time to edit the closets. You know what Marie Kondo says in "The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up," ~ if it doesn't bring you joy, it's time to share it and give it a chance to give joy to someone else. 

  • It's time to offer ourselves love with no criticism. 

  • It's time to stay connected with friends and family ~ we're social creatures at heart. 

    Social Distancing vs. Physical Distancing:

    ~ I heard an interview with a doctor who was asked about Social Distancing. He said he hated the term. We shouldn't disconnect socially with one another, but we can disconnect physically with one another. Great point! 

    So... Who's Really Benefitting from This?

    Our pets! 🐶🐕🐈🐹🐰 

    If you have a dog, or see a friend or neighbor with a dog, you or your neighbor are probably walking the dog more than ever! We've even seen ads from people wanting to rent a dog if they don't have one just to have another excuse to get outside and walk. 

    Keep moving, get some fresh air, stay active, keep smiling, and take a walk ~ with or without a dog ~ and love up those healthy family members like you would your pet. Those good endorphins from love and activity can outweigh anything else. . 

    Our pups: Posie on the left, and Chance on the right. Our reasons for those daily walks... rain or shine. Gotta love 'em! 

    Qet Botanicals' Green Beauty Indie Brand Founder Lisa Brill with her Dogs


    With healthy hugs, a smile, and a spot of sunshine, 


    ~ Lisa 


    ~  fresh  ~  authentic  ~  sumptuous  ~

    ~  non-toxic, organic ingredients, proven, and high-performing ~

    ~  effective, award-winning botanical treatments made without compromises ~


    Qet Botanicals Clean Beauty Icons