Finding the Perfect Mask

Smoothing, detoxifying, hydrating... and safe.

No matter your current skin condition, there's a perfect mask for you... and your Boo! 

Why Mask? Why Not!

Seasonal Skincare Tips for Autumn

Pumpkin lattes, the crunch of fallen leaves, a cooler change in the air…  we may be excited that it’s sweater weather, but we also want to make sure our skin is just as happy as we are. With a little nudge of something extra, our skin can keep the healthy, summer glow through all of the seasonal changes.

No matter what the season, skin should feel and look dewy, but not oily. As the air gets drier, skin begrudgingly often follows suit. Skin can be influenced radically by the change in seasons.

It’s time to enrich the skin with botanical nutrients that keep the supple glow all through the seasons.

Amp it Up!

When the autumn leaves start to hit the ground, it’s a good time to amp up the hydration and moisture that skin craves. This is the perfect time to overhaul the wardrobe and revamp the skincare routine.

Our Qēt Botanicals Skin Suites offer hydrating and moisturizing benefits that help keep the skin healthy and dewy. Adding an active mask once or twice a week is like taking a much needed multi-vitamin for the skin. Including a mask keeps our skin vibrant by feeding it with various nourishing and pampering nutrients.

Even if skin is essentially happy, the slight change in the seasons can bring on issues that you may be trying to avoid the rest of the year ~ dryness, flakiness, and a dull complexion.

Let’s keep reading ingredients, let’s keep it safe, and let’s keep glowing ~ no matter what the weather is doing.

The Physical (and Mental!) Benefits of a Healthy Facial Mask

Do you have ten minutes? Then we have a mask for you.

Offering the skin a mask once or twice a week is the easiest and simplest way to add extra vitamins, nutrients, and antioxidants to your daily skincare routine. Even though our treatments are already full of skin-loving elements, adding a variety of concentrated actives found in our organic masks can benefit the skin in a variety of ways. 

~ Fine lines and are fed with additional botanicals that aren't in our everyday routines.

~ Hydration is boosted while wearing a mask. Just like when we use our serums, the plant actives are allowed to penetrate into the skin epidermis; this can help to soften and enhance its elasticity. Skin looks more youthful. If makeup is applied, it glides on easier and looks fresher.  

~ Pores are cleaned and refined. A clogged pore appears larger because of impurities trapped in it. The right mask can help to clear the skin, refine those pores, and whisk away oily substances and waste that can clog the pores. 

~ BONUS ~ Time to relax. Taking those 10 minutes to just relax, unwind, breathe, think (but not too hard!) helps to de-stress and calm nerves and anxiety. This alone can help us feel and look better! Knowing that not even one drop of anything synthetic or harmful is added into any of our masks or treatments is not only easy on the skin, it's easy on the mind. 

A Change in Seasons ~ A Change in Condition

We love it when we get to interact with you... whether it be in one of our Skin Studios, or via an email online. A question we get often, especially when just discovering our treatments is, 'Which products would make the most sense for my skin type?"

The answer to that is... well... we don't make recommendations based on skin type. We work with the current condition of skin, how it's reacting to the weather, hormonal changes, or whatever happens to be affecting your life right now. 

Our skin condition is regularly changing. Food habits, hormonal changes, weather shifts, traveling, sleep patterns (and the lack of it), and adding a medication to our system all can have an affect outwardly on our skin. 

If you've ever used a product, loved it, and then over time see that it suddenly stops working, it may be because what you're using was perfect for your condition in the beginning, and now your condition has changed. This is perfectly normal, and a slight tweak in treatments may be necessary. It's exactly why we have the variety of formulas in our Skin Suites and masks that we do. 

If you're already familiar with our treatments, then you know that in addition to our facial masks, our core treatments are our Skin Suites. Balancing, Hydrating and Restoring Skin Suites... all formulated differently and with various plant-based authentic ingredients. Period. It's perfectly fine to mix and match from our Skin Suites to feed the needs of our changing skin condition. 

We all have a different skin condition. Our skin condition is as unique as we are. It's never one-size-fits-all when it comes to skin, and that's why we love and offer the various treatments that we do. 

Can Meditating Improve Skin?

Is meditating the secret to younger, healthy skin? Hmmm ~ let's think about this. :) 

If there were a one-thing-fixes-it-all approach to skin, let's face it... we'd probably grab it! What we DO know is that there is a direct connection between our inner health and our outer appearance and healthy skin.

Q. So... what does taking time to think, meditate, and unwind have to do with improving our skin? 

A. According to a recent write-up in Shape magazine, a lot.

Dr. Jennifer Chwalek, M.D. based in NY, found this out after she had started meditating while in a yoga class. She mentions that she noticed that those that practiced meditation seemed to have a younger appearance than their real age. She also mentioned there are major skin benefits to regularly taking time to de-brief our minds. Issues such as eczema, psoriasis, auto immune skin issues, hair loss, and a natural decrease in cortisol to name a few. 

Studies done recently even show that meditation can affect our genes in a positive way by suppressing the response of those genes that cause inflammation. What does that mean for skin? Inflammation is the skin's nemesis, and skin that isn't inflamed can have fewer fine lines in the long run, according to Dr. Chwalek. 

Interesting, insightful, and it makes perfect sense. See the full article in Shape magazine here

Below: Taking a moment to reflect, relax, and take-it-all-in on a warm afternoon in a tropical climate.

DIY Autumn Facial Recipe for Various Skin Conditions

The bounty of autumn isn't just beautiful at the farmer's market, it's also great for your skin. 

We often say that Qēt is for your skin what the farmer's market is for your body.

There's nothing like the cornucopia of fall produce at the market that enriches and warms us from the inside; it also benefits our skin on the outside.

A fall favorite as a food and skin treat is pumpkin! Organic, authentic pumpkin delivers fruit enzymes and nutrients which assist in the cellular turnover, boost collagen, and add hydration while brightening and smoothing the skin. It's naturally filled with Vitamins A, C and zinc ~ it's good to eat, and it's a great skin food. 

We love using real ingredients in our treatments. Rather than having to preserve pumpkin in a treatment, we're reaching for the real deal. Here's a quick way to boost your favorite mask by adding this nutrient-dense squash. Choose your favorite depending on your skin's wishes. 

Below: (1) Enjoy the recipe ~ mix and match according to your skin's wishes. (2) A local community garden smiling in the autumn sunshine. 

Your October Special

No matter your current skin condition, we can help you find the perfect mask for you... and your Boo! 

For 10 extra minutes, just 1-2 times per week, including a purposeful and skin-loving mask can be the difference between decent skin, and divine skin. Make it a mask day with a friend ~ fun! Our favorites are:

1. Smoothing & Clearing - Green Tea Mask with Raw Cacao
2. Purifying & Softening - Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka
3. Hydrating & Nourishing - Lavish Serum Salve
4. Free Radical Fighting with Vitamins & Omegas - Antioxidant Mask with Cranberry

In October, save 10% on these four full sized facial masks.

Use the code MYMASK to save.

Always made with safe ingredients, and something for every condition of skin.

Sample Sizes

If you're new to our facial treatments, our Treat & Enhance Skin Suite offers a sampling of three of these masks, along with a generous sampling of our beloved Hydra-Rose Eye Serum and our Spot Serum.

FOUR of the FIVE treatments in this Treat & Enhance kit have been awarded as a best treatment in its category. Hooray ~ cheers to clean beauty!

A Transitional Time

It's a season of reflection.

Each season brings a transition in our surroundings, and often in our thoughts.

In this change of season, I’ve been thinking about Qēt, this journey, you ~ our customers, and our collective effort to clean up this industry.

I’m ever grateful for your support and the progress we’ve made. 

I encourage you to follow your passion and continue to fuel your body and mind with things that make you happy and whole.

The journey continues, and our efforts continue to blossom and grow. Thank you. 


~ Lisa 


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~  non-toxic, organic, proven, and high-performing ~

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