🍂 Fall Glow Getters ~ The Top 5 Reasons You should Use (and love!) a Facial Mask as Part of your Smooth, Clear, and Healthy Skin Routine 💗

It's mask month ~ 

and there's nothing scary ( Boo!  👻 ) 

about THESE masks. 👇 😉


Say "Hello" to the Mask

We’re talking about skincare masks! They’re especially helpful during this time when many of us are wearing protective masks. Now we're sharing a special, and there’s something for every skin condition.

Our masks are fun, they’re easy to apply, and they’re great at delivering results by adding a variety of vitamins and antioxidants to the complexion. 

We have facial masks to hydrate, remove excess oils, clear pores, and improve the appearance and health of our skin. Impurities are removed while the skin is gently detoxified and clarified.

Read on to find out which mask is the right mask for your current complexion, and which will get you glowing for the Fall season ahead! 🍂

Is there a facial mask for everyone? 

Yes, there is! 

Even those of us with sensitive skin and Rosacea can benefit from the right facial mask. Making a little mess at the sink, pouring your favorite mask into a bowl and adding a little water, cleansing oil (we love this!), or even a botanical toner offers a handful of benefits. 

The last thing we want to do is use a mask filled with questionable or synthetic ingredients ~ that totally defeats the purpose! 🙅Selecting the mask that's right for our current complexion can not only help our skin physically, it can ease the mind as well. 

A mask is the perfect skin care remedy to help with complexion concerns. Our proprietary masks can help skin in a variety of ways:

  • remove excess oils
  • clear the pores
  • improve the appearance of pores
  • pull out impurities and debris
  • detoxify and gently exfoliate
  • hydrate the complexion

Another benefit? It's that pampered feeling that you get from a spa, but you're at the comfort of your own home with safe and fresh ingredients. 

Q. How often should we mask...

once a week, twice a week?  

A. It depends on your skin

and your current skin concerns. 


How often should we use a mask? 

Every healthy skincare routine includes a mask once or twice a week. I've even been known to do a quick mask every morning after cleansing... it's divine, and it's perfectly fine. More on that further below.  

Men, women, teens, and everyone in between can benefit from taking just five to ten minutes a week for a facial mask. 

It's not unlike adding extra vitamins or cooking up a special meal; when we feed our body a variety of fresh greens and foods, our muscles, tissues, and yes, even our skin benefits from what goes on our fork.

Our skin also benefits from the variety of different antioxidants and actives we feed it from a mask, too! 💗

As far as that morning mask routine that I love so much (and so do many of you!) it's with our Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka. Especially since we're wearing protective facial masks so often, sensitive skin like mine sometimes suffers.

Because we're wearing masks for many hours of the day, this has been my current morning ritual. 

*** In the morning after a cleansing oil cleanse, we take just a small amount of Honey Cream Mask, (just a pea sized amount), add water to it, and massage it onto damp skin. It's almost like a detoxifying and softening second cleanse ~ I love it. My skin loves it! 

*** Then rinse it away, add a mist or two of botanical toner, three drops of day serum, and my routine is complete. Here's an option that we love if you're looking for a vitamin serum or vitamin boost. I add the Purely Cranberry Serum Boost each morning to my day serum. Bam ~ that's it!  At night, it's the Purely Rosehip Serum Boost after my night serum. TIP: Read up on our Serum Boosts if you're considering adding a vitamin serum to your daily routine. You'll see why we offer the boosts that we do, and why we avoid other commercial Vitamin A or Vitamin C serums that are so popular.

It's not a time waster. Those extra few minutes, literally maybe one or two minutes, makes all the difference in my skin, and it can make the difference in your skin as well. ⌛

Now... let's get into the reasons why we love to take these few moments each week. 


We DO love the simple act of mixing, applying, and relaxing with a skin-loving mask. 
It's fresh, it's safe, it's at home,
and it's right at our fingertips.

Reason No. 1 Why we Love to Mask

It's a deep, even deeper (!) cleansing and exfoliating experience. 

Yes, our cleansing oils are thorough and gentle... they remove every little bit of makeup, impurities, and even pollution. 

However, when we add a mask to our routine after cleansing, it's a bonus step to not only draw out impurities that that hide beneath the top layers of the epidermis, but it offers a type of a detoxifying experience for the complexion. 

TIP ~ TIP ~ TIP: Combining your mask with your cleansing oil allows it to seep on the skin without drying. It's sumptuous and very next level. When mixing one of our dry masks with water you can allow it to dry on the skin before removing it ~ this has more of a pulling and exfoliating action. Either way you choose to treat yourself with our masks is beneficial. 

Having a regular routine of at-home masking can offer a noticeable improvement on the skin's surface ~ the pores are refined as they're not filled with debris, and the surface of the skin is fed with vitamins and nutrients that it doesn't get on a daily basis. It's like a boost of vitamins in your favorite beverage ~ the difference can often be seen and felt in no time at all. 

We certainly all love that! 


Reason No. 2:

Clean pores are smaller pores. 

When pores are filled with synthetics, silicones, or makeup, they can look larger than they are, and it's REALLY important to make sure that anything in those pores is escorted right outta there!  👉 

When the pores are not completely clean and clear, the "stuff" can get pushed down deep into the pores causing irritation and eventually breeding bacteria. This is where an uneven complexion or a skin irritation occurs. 

There is a natural ingredient that we love to use that can act like a healthy sponge to absorb excess oils and remove dirt from the pores. It's clay, but it's not just any clay. As a part of the EWG Verified program, we submitted a variety of different clays to be tested in a third party lab for heavy metals. We tested our clays for the following metals:

  1. chromium
  2. nickel
  3. arsenic
  4. cadmium
  5. antimony
  6. mercury
  7. lead

There was only one clay that made the cut of being a clean, healthy, and safe clay that belongs in our brand of clean and healthy treatments... it's our Rhassoul clay

We include our Rhassoul clay in three of our four mask treatments: our Antioxidant Mask with Cranberry, our Green Tea Mask with Raw Cacao, and our Honey Cream Mask with Active Manuka

By adding just the right amount of this clean clay to our blend of botanicals and plant based antioxidants, the masks help remove the build-up of dead skin cells on the surface that can accumulate on the skin. Clogged pores are not only trouble, they can be unsightly causing breakouts and make the pores appear larger than they actually are. All of a sudden, the skin can appear to be very ruddy or uneven. 

Including one of our proprietary face masks once or twice a week helps to keep our skin surface clean, clear, and the pores free from clogging. And... they're safe and gentle, too. 


Reason No. 3 to Do a Facial Mask

Be a Glow Getter

When those blood vessels under the skin expand, it can actually improve the overall skin tone. Whether it's a hydrating mask, like our Lavish Serum Salve, or our other dry masks that wait for you to active them, they all benefit the epidermis and dermis of the skin. Once the mask is removed, skin can feel softer, BE softer, and it will be smoother looking than before.

After a good workout the skin has the same healthy reaction. During and after exercise, the blood vessels expand and increase circulation which helps the texture and clarity of the skin.

Hello, refreshed face and radiant glow! 


Reason No. 4 to Mask

It Assists your Daily 2 Minutes Skin Suite Routine

By adding those extra 5-10 minutes of facial masking each week, skin will be softer, free of dead cells, and that mist of botanical toner and those few drops of your day or night serum will be able to be soaked-in faster and deeper. 

Different than our exfoliants which offer softening, dead cell removal, prebiotic care, and natural glycolic acids, our masks are a completely different variety of vitamins and nutrients to deliver a well-rounded menu of skin-loving elements.  

When we add a mask on a regular basis, our toning, hydrating, and moisturizing serums can perform to their full function. 



Reason No. 5 ... Why we L💗VE to use a Mask

Just like putting on our favorite sweater, or crawling under our favorite blanket, it can be (it IS) a very relaxing experience. 

When we're happy, our skin is happy. Likewise... when our skin is happy, we're happy! It goes both ways. 

It's a connection that can't be denied, and it comes from within. As much as a regular mask routine is a physical skin boost, it's a therapeutic boost, too. 😘 

Our senses are stimulated, the aromas can heighten our mood, and it's a little luxury that shouldn't be overlooked. 

It's that little bit of "me time" that is so deserved, and it is a few moments of self care that we can control and enjoy. 

Draw a bath, start your diffuser, sit back, and let the botanical magic begin to go to work. Or just sit still and sit back for a moment. It's relaxing, it's allowing the mind and body to unwind, and the side effects of healthy looking and feeling skin are a wonderful side effect of the moments that you've gifted to yourself.

And literally, LITERALLY!, it's just a few minutes out of the week. And you didn't have to drive anywhere and make an appointment. 😁

If we don't have a few moments to offer ourself some self-care, it's exactly why we need to take those moments and offer ourselves some self-care. 


Masking Tips for Our Masks 

1. Start with a clean face. Apply your mask after cleansing to ensure that your mask can deliver the benefits to a clean complexion. Following a light exfoliant can also be beneficial ~ your option. 

2. Add a little Hydra-Rose Eye Serum around the eye area first to add some extra pampering while the rest of your face and neck are experiencing the mask. 

3. For our Green Tea & Raw Cacao Mask and our Antioxidant Mask, simply add just enough water to make a paste and apply to damp skin. After it dries, remove with warm water and a wet washcloth if you wish. You can also use it with our cleansing oil, botanical toner, or even an organic or dairy-free yogurt. Mixing it with our cleansing oil keeps the mask from drying on the surface allowing the vitamins to see a little longer. If you haven't tried it, try it! Doing this option is like having two masks in one.

4. Our Honey Cream Mask is dark in the jar but goes on clear. Add a small amount of water to a pea-sized amount and blend to activate it, and apply it to damp skin with a gentle massage. 

5. Our Lavish Serum Salve is ready to go... retrieve a tiny amount, melt it into the skin by massaging onto a damp or dry complexion and allow it to sit before wiping away. No need to rinse! It can also be left on as an overnight experience. It's lovely. We call it "Lavish" because it's meant to be used everywhere... face, eye area, neck, chest, hands, feet, elbows, knees, and the like.  

Either way, you really can't mess it up. And... if it gets a little messy while you're masking, that's ok and that's just part of the fun. Below is our mask brush and bowl set with the sustainably sourced wooden bowl. Great for those dry masks when adding water, cleanser, yogurt, or toner. Stir it up with the brush and apply to the complexion. Delight.  



Zero Charcoal. Zero Harm. 

We've often been asked about creating a charcoal mask. Here's why we don't, and why we won't.

If you've ever seen a manufacturing plant that produces charcoal... or rather a plant that burns various branches, bark, coconut husks, and sometimes remnants of animals and animal parts, (yuk!), you'd be surprised at how much pollution is released into the atmosphere. Often additional chemicals are added into the burning mix to allow the debris to burn faster and at hotter temperatures. 

We say no to charcoal. Even various coal plants around the globe are being closed and are converting to renewable energy. 

** Why are charcoal masks popular? Charcoal removes dirt from the skin and pulls out impurities from the pores. Rather than taking burned ash and applying it to our faces, we'd rather use botanical ingredients that do the same thing... clays, organic tea, raw cacao, and even botanicals. Yes to all of these ~ safe for our skin, and clean for our environment. 🌎


We're Under the Mask

A customer that recently popped into the Skin Studio snapped this quick pick while she was picking up a few items. 

Even though I'm smiling underneath, it's hard to tell unless you can see that my eyes are smiling. 

During these times while we're out and about wearing our protective face coverings, many of us are now smiling more with our eyes, we're nodding with our heads, and we're using positive body language and gestures.

Fresh faces, little or no makeup, happy feelings. Even though we can't show our smile under the mask, our eyes show it, and it can still be felt.

"A smile is a curve that can set a lot of things straight." 


Your October Special

Taking that "me time" by including a five or ten minute escape with a facial mask, a soak or a shower, and some pleasant aromas can offer not only emotional and therapeutic benefits, but like we mentioned above, the physical benefits on the surface of our skin develop, too. If you've ever suffered from really bad skin, I know I have, you know that sometimes a skin mishap can go further than skin deep. Upset skin can affect our mood and even our confidence.  

In last month's blog we highlighted and gave tips on our daily facial treatments, our Skin Suites, and the ABCs of healthy and smooth skin. This month, we're taking it one little step further. It's that once or twice a week remedy that can benefit all of us ~ all we need to do is do it. 


Here are the masks that are a part of this current special:
**Award Winning Masks ~ Yay! 


Use code MaskMe to SAVE 10% on all of our full sized facial masks mentioned above.  

FIRST TIME TIP: If you're new to our brand, we offer many travel and trial sized kits to discover and experience at the start. Our Treat & Enhance Facial Suite kit offers 3 of our masks, along with our Hydra-Rose Eye Serum and our Spot Serum for skin blemishes. All 5 of these treatments have won awards! As a bonus, you can request one sample, which could be our Antioxidant Mask with Cranberry. Doing this will give you the chance to experience all of our masks in small sizes, and it will help you find what mask is perfect for you. 


Healthy, beautiful skin doesn't usually happen by chance. 
It happens on purpose.
Let's be purposeful, mindful, and happy with our skincare. 



Of Note

When there is much out of our control, it's nice to take control, make priorities, and be conscious about enjoying even the simple things. 

Last month, Conscious Care was was one of our ABCs of Healthy Skin Care... Antioxidants, Botanicals, and Conscious Care. We could add Happy to that as well! Our health, as well as our emotions, show on our skin.  

Below: Simple, but potent advice from author Bronnie Ware.



To you... our Qēt family and friend, from me and OUR Qēt family and friends... thank you for being here. 💗

~ Lisa 


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