Time to Flourish with Mint & Lovely

Beautiful products, local vendors, learning a new skill in a creative workshop = FUN!

Time to Flourish with Mint & Lovely


When Haley and Emilee, owners of Mint & Lovely Studios in Milwaukee, reached out to Qet Botanicals to participate in an event they were hosting in Madison, we whole-heartedly accepted!

Who is Mint & Lovely? A creative mindset that loves to host workshops throughout the year, as well as design and consult for that special wedding day. Each curated detail is filled with thought and purpose, and as they put it, they design with intention.

The event? Flourish: A Modern Calligraphy Workshop ~ they partnered up with a handful of select, local vendors from the area to pamper and treat the participants. 

As Mint & Lovely states, "Our belief in investing in experiences over things and the desire to bring together creative women to learn in a fun and uplifting environment is the catalyst for our workshops. Beautifully designed spaces, thoughtfully curated details, and expert instruction are the trademark of an M&L workshop."

It was a day filled with smiles, treats, and creative learning at Revel in Madison. We're highlighting several of the photos for fun. Feel free to click on the Mint & Lovely site for more information.

In case you're interested (and yes, you should be - this is a fabulous list!) in learning more about the list of crafty, creative, and generous sponsors and vendor participants, here they are with a link to their sites.

Event Sponsors 
venue - Revel - @revelmadison
photographer - Booth Photographics - @boothphotographics 
floral - KP Designs - @kpdesignsmadison
pencils - Thyme is Honey - @thymeishoney
ink - Higgins Inkhigginsinks.com
Swag Bag Sponsors 
chocolate bar - WM Chocolate - @wm.chocolate 
jam - Quince and Apple - @quinceandapple 
greeting cards - Jack and Ella Paper - @jackandellapaper
magazine - Madison Magazine - @madisonmagazine 
soap - Simple Bath and Body - @simplebathandbody 
spandex hair ties - The Jade Peacock - @thejadepeacock
beauty products - Qet Botanicals - @qetbotanicals 
stamped spoon - Eve of Joy - @eveofjoy 
Spotlight Vendors 
Fancy That Design House - @fancythatdesignhouse 
Milkhaus Design - @milkhausdesign 
We live in a wonderful community, and when an event can come together like this, where new skills are learned and memories are made... well that's just what it's all about, isn't it...


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