Qet Makes the “Cool Mom Picks”

Qet Makes the “Cool Mom Picks”

If you're a mom ~ you're already cool. 

If you haven't seen the "Cool Mom Picks" website, then you'll be even cooler when you do.

What a nice surprise that our brand made a recent "Cool Mom Pick of the Week!"

Here is the link to the article, along with some tips on positive thinking to reach your goals, and even a mom-invented wine chiller that is... well... you guessed it... COOL! 

In their words, here is a little bit about Kristen & Liz and their Cool Mom Picks. 

"We started Cool Mom Picks in 2006 to help make life cooler, easier, more organized, more meaningful, and more fun for parents of all kinds. 

Trivia: It was called Cool Mom Sh*t for the first two days. (Yeah, we rethought that.)

We had no idea our site would grow to become a major lifestyle network, that we'd end up sharing our finds with the TODAY Show and Martha Stewart, that we'd be able to make a real difference for so many small businesses and women-run companies, or that we'd end up with an incredible community of the coolest readers on the planet. (If we do say so ourselves). 

But we did. 

And we still love what we do every single day." 


Link: https://coolmompicks.com/blog/2018/02/12/tricks-for-positive-thinking-to-reach-goals/


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