Men’s Skin Needs Love, Too!

Made by women and loved by women, but they're not JUST for women. :)

Men’s Skin Needs Love, Too!

Nothing synthetic, no false fragrances, and often found on the men's side of the sink, as seen in the June issue of the San Clemente Lifestyle Magazine, here are some of the top pics for the man about town. 

'Plant-based, 100% natural, and purely authentic.

Made by women and loved by women, but they’re not just for women.

Meet our men’s favorites!

For short and long hair, beards and moustaches ~ A 2018 and 2015 Earth Day Beauty Award winner, our Nutri-Pomade & Mask adds nourishment and protects against the elements.

Forest Fresh Dry Deodorant Putty ~ no synthetics, no stink, no problem.

Lip Balm with Green Tea & Vitamins ~ keep ‘em soft and keep ‘em kissable, day and night. And it won’t melt in your pocket.

Espresso Mint Body Polish ~ no more rough elbows. Cleanse and soften all in one exhilarating step.

Ultra Garden Serum for Body ~ A 2016 Earth Day Award Winner and a big fave of men and women. Before sun, after sun, after showering ~ concentrated with all-day hydration.

Nationally awarded and locally made."

Article and Photography by Lisa Brill


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