Lavish Your Skin - Best Kept Secret

An up close and personal 'meet and greet' with our Lavish Serum Salve.

Lavish Your Skin - Best Kept Secret

Shared in the March 2018 San Clemente Lifestyle magazine, it's an up close and personal meeting with our Earth Day Beauty Award winning Lavish Serum Salve.

"Qēt Botanicals proudly makes and sells an amazing product called Lavish Serum Salve. We always say that if we were ever stranded on a deserted island, this would be the one product that we hoped we had with us. It is special, unique, wonderful. It’s a national beauty award winner, and it’s our only salve that we formulate. In it we include our favorite ingredients from our serums and we blend it with an organic, Grade A shea butter.

Lavish Serum Salve is a complexion lover and its use targets fine lines, wrinkles and areas needing repair. It helps to strengthen skin, is deeply moisturizing, offers nourishment and protection in hot and cold climates, and revitalizes the surface without leaving a greasy residue or clogging pores. Chapped hands, elbows, and heels will also find this wonder salve to be effective. After spending too much time in the sun, or suffering from a rash or peeling, your skin will drink up the nutrition from the serum salve. Just the right formulation of nutrient-dense facial oils from rosehip seeds, argan nuts, cranberries, evening primrose, and added Matcha green tea, are a true skin sensation. The clinical grade essential floral oils of lavender, jasmine, chamomile, frankincense, carrot, and wild raspberry treat your skin and will allow your complexion to be glowing before you know it. There are no added waxes or thickeners which can pollute the pores or feel heavy on the skin. Each ingredient speaks loudly with what it does for your skin, and all are carefully married for a purpose.

In addition to using it daily, on a weekly basis, it’s the perfect lavish, full-face hydrating mask. Great skin will stay hydrated and smooth, and uneven or skin needing a nudge will be toned and revitalized with regular use. If your skin already produces enough oil, then the eye area, your hands and feet, chest, elbows, and especially your neck will love you for it. Irritations, cracked skin around fingers, itchy insect bites, eczema, dermatitis, and fine lines and wrinkles all will succumb to this healing and moisturizing bliss. It’s highly concentrated, and a little is all you need for that extra boost of moisture and protection when and where you need it.

Your new best friend: it’s meant to be used lavishly. It is lavish, indeed. You must visit Qēt Botanicals on Del Mar today for this wonderful product!"

Article by Gia Luciano, Photography by Lisa Brill


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