Discover the Benefits of our Sunflower Seed Oil and Treatments

That's right… the oil derived from sunflowers is chock full of therapeutic benefits for our skin!

Discover the Benefits of our Sunflower Seed Oil and Treatments
Sunflower Love … such a sunny flower provides such serious skin and health benefits.

Like the sunflower, we enjoy the sun and beauty that late summer brings. As you pass the fields of sunflowers during your sunny afternoon drives through the countryside, or happen to bring home a bunch from the market, take a moment to appreciate the simpleness of these bountiful flowers with the beauty benefits they provide. 

Back to School

Whether or not you have little (or big!) ones in school, we may all be affected by longer lines at the store or at the stoplights. What does the first week back to school feel like for you and your family? Is it a relief as the schedule comes back into play? Or... is it a stressor as you consider all of the hustle and bustle of activities?

Despite how you feel about 'back to school,' we can all agree on one thing... the pressure and exhaustion is real and it kicks into high gear when the alarm clocks start ringing. Moms quickly learn their tricks and tactics to keep it all together. Calendars on the walls are all up-to-date loaded with activities that cluster into each week. Meal planning becomes a must, and your weekend shopping trips prove that all of the other families are complying with the same weekly agenda. 

In the effort of "keeping it all together" and "doing it all," mothers quickly forget that if they aren't taking care of themselves they are doing a disservice to their family, and themselves. Don't put your needs on the back burner and omit those little times of joy and contentment.

Health Tip

11 Tips for Overscheduled Gals

Dr. Phil lists 11 tips of advice for overscheduled moms in this article. The last tip within this article, we think, is the most important of all. Hint: if you click on it, you're doing it! 

It's okay to acknowledge that you need time for yourself; alone time to go to yoga, run some errands, go for a long walk, read a book, meditate, garden or cook. We all have our own movements and activities that bring us pleasure. This back to school season be sure to add your activities to the calendar as you write down those many weekend soccer tournaments and car-pooling events.

Make Time for Yourself... Every Day

Even a little time is better than none at all. 

You may only be able to squeeze in one yoga class a week, and maybe just one dinner date with your girlfriends is all you can manage to organize each month. That's okay! Any opportunity should be relished and taken advantage of.

Consider your end of the day pattern... the kids are likely in bed and you're slowing down... the house is straightened up... you're wrapping up any loose strings from the day and beginning to consider what tomorrow will bring for you and your busy family. As you start to mellow into the quiet of the night, you may enjoy a cup of tea with a book, or maybe your favorite movie or show. 

Whether it be before, during, or after this nightly down time, you may also exercise your nighttime cleansing routine. This time is for you. Enjoy the blissful bookends at the beginning and at the end of your day. Those two minutes of time-out for self-care is not only for your skin's well being, but also for your long-term physical and emotional well being. When we look our best, we feel our best. Washing away your makeup, applying wholesome ingredients and feeling confident with what we put on our skin is yet another way to make time for you.

Here Comes a New Season

Fall temperatures mean a dial-up in skin and hair nourishment.

As we near the fall temperatures (bring on the pumpkin lattes, right?) the moisture in the air begins to decrease. The cooler weather and drier conditions should be a reminder that our skin requires even more nourishment. You may need to adjust your current Skin Suite by supplementing from the next level of moisture. Adding an additional light application of our Lavish Serum Salve around the eyes and any areas needing a little extra, morning and night, is also a way to lock in moisture. And... don't forget to salve your hands and neck. The key to combating the fall climate change is to use pure ingredients that help skin retain its moisture.

For long-term health and beauty, inside and out, synthetic products cannot compete with our non-toxic, pure and potent serums and treatments. 

Celebrity Ingredient of the Month

Sunflower Seed Oil (Helianthus Annuus)

Our organic seed oil from sunflowers is naturally emollient, antioxidant and vitamin rich, sustainable and non-pore clogging. Beneficial to healthy skin and complexions with acne, redness, rashes, or inflammation, all of its properties assist skin in healing and fighting inflammation (skin's nemesis!). 

The high levels of Vitamins A, C, D, and E found inside carry even more healing properties than almond oil or shea butter - good news for those suffering from nut allergies. It provides a natural barrier to provide UV protection from the sun, and it helps age defy tired or dull skin by smoothing the surface. 

And yes, it's another one of our oils that fights against acne on the skin by eliminating the bacteria and forming a protective barrier on the skin's surface. It's such a pretty flower with some seriously great benefits.

The body, the heart, the nervous system... many different aspects of our bodies are also positively affected by a healthy dose of good sunflower oil. See this recently published article for the 20 best benefits of sunflowers. 

Our organic and cold pressed sunflower oil can be found in these Qēt Botanicals face and body treatments:

The above image was taken at our nearby Pope Farm Conservancy that grows over a half of a million sunflowers to enjoy.



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