Bringing your Skin Back to Life

Bringing your Skin Back to Life

As shared in the April Issue of San Clemente Lifestyle Magazine

"Hello, April ~ We’re ready for you!

Who are we? We’re Qēt Botanicals, (pronounced “keet”) and we’re formulators and purveyors of the nationally award-winning plant-based face, body, and hair eco-products. We use certified organic ingredients, sustainable methods, and proudly hand-craft all of our products from scratch – without a single drop of anything synthetic, artificial or harmful. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

We’re enjoying Spring, and we’re looking forward to a healthy, glowing complexion to go along with it. It’s time to get smart about our products, be kind to our skin and our environment, and freshen up our complexion. Buh-bye, dull, uneven skin ~ it’s time to get clean and get glowing!

This month we’re celebrating our 5-year brandiversary. Hooray! We’ve been sharing our plant-based, eco-friendly and healthy formulas since Spring of 2013. All of our treatments are made locally, small batched, focused on fresh, and are formulated with effective, whole plant actives. We have EWG Verified ™ products and have received eight national beauty and Earth Day awards.

No time? Meet our Skin Suite. We have them for various skin conditions in the discovery and full sizes. It’s the total two-minute cleansing, clearing and nourishing experience ~ and it’s lovely. We also have hair and body treatments and kits.

Our Skin Suites benefit a variety of skin types: oily, combination, dry, acne-prone, rosacea, sensitive skin and aging skin (hey, that’s all of us!). Come experience what we have in store for you ~ and for your skin.

100% natural and nontoxic

100% formulated, loved and made by us

100% beautifully sumptuous

“It’s time to let nature in, and send the chemicals out.”

We have a new Skin Studio in San Clemente ~ come and say hi! We also ship fresh products all across the globe."

Article and Photography by Lisa Brill


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