Hello, San Clemente ~ We’re Open!

Hello, San Clemente ~ We’re Open!

Planning, rearranging, permit filing, constructing, tearing out, putting up, painting, jack hammering, dry walling, shifting, electrical updating, and so many other dusty improvements all came into alignment.

We've turned the page and we're happy to announce that we've opened our doors in our second lab and Skin Studio in downtown San Clemente, California. 

Take a little visual journey through our new Skin Studio! We have a discovery table where we highlight some of our favorite raw materials and botanicals with their benefits. Similar to a French bakery or gourmet chocolate shop, you can see, hear and smell what we have going on in the back as we formulate and blend our botanical treatments before sharing. We also have a welcoming place to sit and chat, and are excited to be able to host "Gals Night" and "Meet Qet" events for a limited number of friends. It's important for us to be able to have a visual place in our community. Skincare can be a very personal and intimate thing ~ we know. Being able to answer questions while discovering our various treatments is important to us. Of course, if you're not nearby, we're happy to answer your emails and your phone calls as well! :) 

Being a Wisconsin-born and raised kid, and then coming to San Clemente, meeting and marrying my husband, and starting our family here... I feel very fortunate to have heartstrings in Wisconsin and here in San Clemente. The community has welcomed us again with open arms, we're getting acquainted with new friends, and we're also happy to still have friends from all those years ago when my love for organics and our family first started to grow. 

Our roots have started in Wisconsin, and we're happy to now be blossoming in California as well. 

~ Lisa


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We're so excited to have you join us and discover all of the natural and simple beauties that life has to offer us! 

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We look forward to having you join us in getting social about natural beauty! 

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